Avika Gor and Manish Raisinghan is in a Relationship?

Avika Gor and Manish Raisinghan is in a Relationship?

There was a period when people just hold their breath and waited until the clock alarmed 8 pm. Yes, it was the time when all eagerly waited to welcome the little chubby girl Avika Gor on Colors. The little diva with her adolescent smile and her instant sportiness on Balika Vadhu really took the screen on fire. But that was just the beginning of her journey as later we have watched the little girl transforming into a seasoned actress on the popular television show Sasural Simar ka. But the scene that literally created the storm was her passionate chemistry with the handsome hunk Manish Raisinghan. So let’s dig a bit to know whether the on-screen couple is really the favorite of each other off-screen as well.

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The working phase of Manish and Avika Gor

Avika Gor’s age was only 13 a teenager when she paired against the well-groomed actor Manish Raisinghan who was 32 then. Candidly their pairing gave a new definition to the love and affection that exist between a couple. But it’s not the end of their chemistry as the lovely on-screen couple stir a magic off-screen as well. In fact, oodles of stories have stated their link-ups a couple of times.

But after the wrap up of the show Sasural Simar ka, the two enjoyed each other’s company by making short films. According to Avika Gor Manish is a prolific photographer so she teamed up with him to learn the nuances of Photography. She also added that their on-screen chemistry was much adored so both of them worked on five minutes short film called Ankahee Batein to fulfill the wish of the viewers. And the said short film poster was projected at the 69th Cannes film festival’s short film corner.

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Is Manish in love with Avika:

Many times the duo have been spotted together but as per the voice of Manish Raisinghan given to a popular daily stated that it was a just a mere rumor and he is not having any kind of love relationship with her. To be precise he clearly stated that he had never dated her for a single day because he was 32 and she is only half the age of him. Moreover, the age difference between the on-screen couple was 19 which is again quite a huge number. Besides that Manish also stated that initially, the rumors made him get on nerves. Not only that he also distanced from Avika. But later on, it clicked him that his intentions are honest and pure so such rumors won’t bring any change to their friendship.

As per the actor, they share good compatibility, and Avika as a human being is an extrovert. In fact, she gracefully accepts ideas and that makes Manish work with Avika as a team. In addition to her, there are quite a lot of common friends whom they link up professionally as well.

Avika’s words on a relationship with Manish:

Alike, Manish, Avika Gor was also quite disturbed primarily with the linking up rumor. But gradually she overcomes the Avika Gor love story rumor. In fact, she endeavored to minimize the time of rehearsal on the set. Even people advised her to tie a rakhi on Rakshabandhan. However, she did not pay any heed to such rumors and did not let the gossips leave any impact on her pure relationship. Thus, to keep up the equalization level they stopped nodding to such useless talks. Even they both became careless to people’s suggestions and decided not to prove anything to justify their relationship.

She added that her father is only a few years elder than Manish so there is no chance of developing any love relationship with him. But she clearly opined that her relationship with Manish is purely based on friendship. Moreover, both of them share honesty, respect, and do deal with the relationship with utter maturity as well. Apart from that she also stated that both of them have amazing understanding for each other. In fact, she has renamed him with a cartoon character as “ Shin Chan” while on the other hand, Manish calls him “ Mitzi”.

However, the lovely onscreen couple is just the best of best friends so no love relationship is there between Avika Gor and Manish Raisinghan. Therefore to conclude we want to see the couple more as the hot onscreen couple. For further notification on the actress’s upcoming daily soaps, you can follow the Avika Gor Instagram page.

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