Black Mountain Resistance Band

Resistance band has always been quite popular among the fitness experts. It is because of the reason that they are cheap and convenient in every way possible. Unlike other fitness gadgets, that you can easily purchase from the market for some particular exercise, resistance bands offers you a wide range of exercises just by changing your body positions. Thus, it can prove to be a better alternative for those people who face difficulties in lifting huge weights.

Again, there are many possible reasons to buy a resistance band for yourself. If you are really looking for an affordable as well as durable resistance band then you can surely opt for black mountain resistance band. You might be wondering that this product will be similar to all those other resistance bands, which all ensures you of better outcome but ultimately fails to do so.

Black Mountain Resistance Band

To be quite frank, this product is no similar to all the others that you can easily avail from the market. Black mountain resistance band are made up of natural rubber which will surely come up to your expectations. The company has ensured the quality of the product and has made the product undergo several tests before launching it into the market.

Black Mountain Resistance Band – About

Black mountain resistance band is considered to be one of the most sophisticated gear used for self grooming session. The black mountain resistance band gear consists of several equipments which you can use it as per the instruction manual, for instance

  • Foam padded handles
  • Ankle cuffs
  • Door anchor
  • 5 different piece if resistance band which are of different parameters
  • Yellow : 2 – 4 Pounds
  • Green : 4 – 6 Pounds
  • Blue : 10 – 12 Pounds
  • Black : 15 – 30 Pounds
  • Red : 25 – 30 Pounds

Each and every product of black mountain resistance band is designed in such a manner so as to provide you with optimum results. The resistance bands are made up of rubber hence they are easy to carry around in your bags even you can turn your garage into you own personal gym.

You might be wondering that black mountain resistance band is not for you because the maximum resistance it can provide is 30lbs. However before changing your mind you should have a look to it’s one of the most important features, which is, it can be stacked. Yes, the carabiner provided at the end of each bands enables you to attach all of them together to get more resistance.

Black Mountain Resistance Band

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As mentioned, the company has ensured the quality of the product so as to achieve complete customer satisfaction. The resistance bands provided in the gear is made up of natural rubber hence there is a minimum threat of toxicity level of the product.

Also people often complain about the foul smell of the rubber in other brands, however black mountain resistance band is completely odor free. As since the main intention of the resistance band is to provide a better alternative to heavy weight lifting, thus the quality is no doubt the least of your concern.


  • Multiple resistance options
  • Life time warranty in case of damage
  • Portable
  • The bands can be stacked
  • Affordable in comparison to similar other products


  • Only one Ankle cuff is provided in the starter set
  • Not suitable for people having latex allergies as the product do contains some traces of latex


The black mountain resistance band is quite popular among the people. Due its diverse nature the product has established itself as one of the best products in the market.

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