Does Hair Dye Cause Hair Loss or Damage Your Hair?

Does Hair Dye Cause Hair Loss or Damage Your Hair?

Hair coloring process is not found to be the cause for hair loss. Some hair breakage is possible during the procedure and after if you don’t take proper care of your hair. In case of hair dyes, if the product is not of good quality means it is not containing safe ingredients or it is not purchased from a reliable source then it can adversely affect your hair.

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Some products contain chemical components which can damage the hair follicles and cause hair loss. For example, a chemical based straightening can burn the scalp and cause hair loss. If your hair or scalp is get damaged by chemical reaction to hair dye, bleaching or straightening chemicals then it can cause hair loss.

To prevent hair loss caused from such procedures, you should go to an experienced hair stylist and tell if you face any discomfort. You must go for a patch test if you have sensitive skin or if you have an allergy to dyes.

Hair dye causing an allergic reaction

Temporary and semi-permanent dyes are easily washed off but permanent dyes commonly contain hydrogen peroxide (2 – 6 percent) and ammonia as main constituents. These components make the color get into the hair shaft completely to give a long-lasting effect. Touch up to roots is required in case of coloring due to hair growth every four to six week period.

Permanent hair dyes are found to be linked with several hair problems. People can develop an allergic reaction to hair dyes and the reaction can occur after months or years of using hair dye. The allergy results into an itchy, red and scaly rash on the scalp and it can be extended to other areas like face and neck. Swelling and blisters on the scalp and even other parts like torso and limbs can be seen in serious cases. A patch test is recommended to confirm the allergy in such cases. People who have an allergy to hair dyes are generally found to be allergic to a p-phenylenediamine component of the product.

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Hair dye causing scalp irritation

Hair dyes containing hydrogen peroxide and ammonia may cause scalp irritation which results into itchy and red rashes on the regions which have come in contact with the dye. Hydrogen peroxide has many ill effects on the hair such as:

  • Alter the hair structure
  • Increase dullness and weakening of the strands.
  • Partially destroy the outer surface of the hair
  • Removes natural protection of hair

All these effects make the damage irreversible and the hair becomes rough and difficult to manage. The hair becomes dull, weak and brittle. There are some ways to minimize the ill effects of hair dye which are:

  • Apply the dye only to grey roots of new hair growth so that rest of the hair remains protected from chemicals.
  • Use special shampoos and conditioner made for colored hair.
  • Protect your hair from sunlight and harmful ultraviolet rays when you step outside

Hair dyes can cause an allergic reaction but their effect is not found on hair follicles or hair growth and it is also found that regular use of hair products along with regular washing and combing does not have any link with hair loss. Most people have suffered from genetically caused hair loss known as androgenic alopecia and this condition can progress over time. Therefore, it is true that hair dye can cause hair loss but it should not be blamed as the sole cause as there are many other factors which are equally responsible for hair loss.

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