My Ex Or My Best Friend’s Next | Real Love Story

My Ex Or My Best Friend’s Next | Real Love Story

“Shruti just tell him to leave right now or else I’ll slap him. I am just so pissed of with his clinginess and insanity. Why does he have to create a scene every day? I thought I’ll at least be his friend but he doesn’t deserve it. I just want to get rid of this nuisance,” I yelled.

I saw my so-called ex-boyfriend staring at me as if I have committed a big sin. I witnessed the tears in his eyes and I knew the intensity of his pain, but I don’t regret my decision after all he has done. I was sorry for him when I cheated him but now I am free of the guilt. Shurti was trying her best to calm me down but my temper was at its peak. All her efforts went in vain as I was not ready to bear my ex’s tantrums anymore. Why can’t he just move on and leave me?

Pallav came closer to me and cried, “Monal, I really love you, I just cannot deny my feelings, I am not able to move on. What is so special about him that you broke my heart for him? Just tell me was it his personality, his figure, his voice, or his………”

“Just shut up right now. I am not in a mood to listen to all that crab of yours. Either you talk sense or just forget me. Rather, I am leaving you even as a friend today or else you’ll screw up my life with your insane acts. Please don’t take any wrong step in future and try to move on.”

“No, I won’t let you go. Aren’t you ashamed of yourself for hurting a guy like me, who was so serious about you and loved you so badly? You know what, a girl like you doesn’t deserve this love as you cannot be loyal to anyone in your life. You just need a guy to cheer you up but you cannot actually fall in love with anyone. You just know how to use them.”

“Shruti tell him to shut his mouth. Don’t you dare question my character,” I burst out with rage.

I was no more interested in him and the respect and soft corner I had for him all disappeared in a second. I just walked off and decided never to turn back. I knew Shruti would explain to him my point of view and so I left both of them alone. With huge tears flowing down my eyes I was rushing outside Shruti’s house when someone grabbed my hand firmly from the back. I thought it was Pallav. I was about to slap him but stopped myself immediately when I saw that the guy was Ankit. He embraced me and managed to cool me down. I hugged him badly and wept until I was back to normal. He gave me a small peck and brought back the smile on my face.

Ankit was the one for whom I dumped Pallav. I don’t know what connected me to him and how we got together. I just couldn’t stop myself from falling for him since the day I first met him. I felt a strong bond with him that I wasn’t able to feel with Pallav despite being so close to him. So honestly speaking, Ankit, is my true love. I am not sure what bond I shared with Pallav in the past. My feelings weren’t that strong for him due to his over-emotional nature and immaturity. He was just too possessive.

“Baby, are you alright?” asked Ankit.

“Yes, I am, and all thanks to you my love.”

“But how did you know I am here?” I added.

“Shurti informed me about your mood in advance. I knew that guy would make you feel uncomfortable again so without wasting any time I rushed here.”

“Thank God you’re here. Only you could have managed to get me back to normal. I just love you.”

“I love you too. Now let’s get out of here as I want to take my princess out on a date.”

I just held his hands and forgot about what just happened inside Shruti’s house. I was all lost in Ankit’s conversation.


“You still have feelings for her. Don’t you have any self-respect or what? You love the girl who doesn’t care about you. Seriously Pallav. Why are you chasing a girl like her? Can’t you see that there is another girl who likes you and is dying to be in a relationship with the person she loves? You are just so selfish,” yelled Shruti.

Pallav immediately wiped his tears and started staring her. For a few minutes, the room was surrounded by silence. Shruti went close to him and kissed him. This sudden kiss made Pallav numb and he wasn’t able to realize what was going on. He kissed her back and after a few seconds, pushed her back.

“Why did you stop?” asked Shruti.

“I can’t do this. I love her.”

“I am not asking you to forget about her. I just can’t see you in this state. It hurts me. Though I am her best friend, I won’t support her this time because what she did was wrong. Just give me a chance Pallav. That’s all I want. You have to trust me. I will get back love in your life, the love you deserve.”

“I don’t know. I am just confused right now. I need some time alone. I’ll meet you tomorrow.”

He was almost at the edge of the door when Shruti hugged him tight from the back. That time Pallav was not in his senses as he was badly disturbed by all that had happened with Monal. The sudden hug of Shruti just froze him and without depicting what’s right or wrong, he turned back and looked at her, shutting the door at his back.

(Two months later)

I was enjoying my dinner date with Ankit when I saw Shruti and Pallav entering together. I was surpised when I saw them together and I even felt awkward that time. I had never expected it from my best friend, or I should say, my ex best friend. I wanted to just get up and yell at her for dating my ex, but I realized that I had no right to do so as he was no more mine. I just watched them sharing romantic moments with each other. What I hated the most was that they sat next to our table and I was sure that Shruti did all that to make me feel jealous. I just hate her from the bottom of my heart.

Ankit suddenly placed his hand above mine and asked me if I was fine. I decided to ignore the two of them and focused on Ankit. He could see anger and pain in my eyes and I tried my best to hide my emotions that time, but I failed. He loved me and always knew what I had in my heart.

“Monal, let’s just get out of here.”

He took me out and requested to share things with him. I just hugged him and cried out loud. He knew how betrayed I felt that moment. We drove all the way to my flat and he stayed with me that night to make sure that I am fine. It took me several days to get out of the incident but I was back with the support of my love. I was sure that I had no feelings for Ankit. It was just that I was in a shock when I saw the person I liked once with the girl who was my closest friend. I was busy cooking when I heard a few knocks at my door.

I thought it was Ankit and I rushed to open the door. To my surprise, I saw Pallav standing before me. I told him to come in and also offered him a glass of orange juice.

He said, “I am sorry for what I did.”

I looked at him and saw the guilt in his eyes clearly.

“It’s okay Pallav. No need to be sorry about anything. It was a dark past and now I think we both have hurt each other equally and so my feelings are neutral towards you. I hope now you will forgive me for what I did in the past. I am happy for both of you and I wish you stay together forever.”

“Thanks for understanding and I am glad that things are back to normal again.”

“Let’s be friends again and this time I will be your true friend. I assure you.”

We hugged each other and had a long conversation until Ankit returned home. I told him everything and he was glad that everything was okay now. I saw Pallav leaving and I just smiled over what happened. So what if my ex, is my best friend’s next? True love is never right or wrong and nobody can understand it better than me. I was proud of myself that day as my single decision filled the four lovers’ lives with immense joy.

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