Posture Now Brace Review: Things You Need To Know

Posture Now Brace Review: Things You Need To Know

There are many people who are affected from poor posture, and are highly prone to suffer from problems associated with poor posture.

When people hunch over, they actually put pressure on their back. This causes prevention of internal organs from functioning optimally. Moreover, this may not be how exactly you start your day, but happens as you get more and more tired. Ultimately, you start slouching over and end up curving your back.

If you are like one of the many people who after a long day try to stand up, but end up hunching over. This is not a case to worry about, as you have a solution with Posture Now corrective brace.

Here are a few things that you would like to know about. Read the review to know more about this product:

What is it?

Posture Now is a great design that you can use to correct your posture. As claimed by its manufacturer, it improves your posture by retraining your affected muscles and making use of muscle memory, which is the outcome of muscle retraining, to support you to maintain your good posture.

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The idea seems relatively simpler – the brace features two cups and an elastic band, which remain around upper arms and support you to sit with proper posture. The basic idea is to avoid the use of extremely restrictive braces that people generally use in order to improve their posture. In addition, manufacturer has designed it to be worn both below and above the clothing – as desired by the wearer.

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How does it look?

While clunky braces are not comfortable to wear, Posture Now is extremely easy to put on with just an elastic band and two armbands. It is extremely comfortable and you will not find yourself in an awkward position when going to get a drink for yourself wearing the braces.

Bands are comfortable, but it can make you sweat after a few hours of use. So, placing it above your shirt would feel better.

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If used by a woman, wearing a tank top beneath regular clothes would be fine. This would help in hiding the brace while ensuring maximum comfort.

It is so light in weight that you would not even realise wearing it after a few minutes. This product happens to be a functional posture corrector that works wonders for you without causing any discomfort.

Improving posture

A large number of plastic braces are available for people to help them with extremely bad posture. However, this product is not meant to be worn all through the day. Instead, this is a corrective device and you should not wear it more than 30 minutes a day.

It works on the shoulder slouching and reinforces right stances accordingly. The back band tightens if you slouch forward and automatically compels you to correct your stance and back to normal stance. The whole process may seem simple, but if you happen to wear it for longer then it will act as a crutch instead of a guide.

A review by Lee C. Ibrahim on Amazon:

“I hope everyone reads this review because the others aren’t too fair IMO… I almost didn’t buy this product because of the bad reviews. Thankfully, I went with my gut and tried it out.

First, I read a review that said the small was too small and anyone other than a stick figure should order a large. I bought the large. Big mistake. Stick with the sizing they mention. I am 6’1″, have decently broad shoulders, weigh 165, have above average biceps (that’s right, I said it), and wear a large in shirts, jackets, etc. The large was too loose when I tightened it all the way. I had to return in. Got the small and it fits great.

Second, others say it’s too tight around the arms. Sure, it is if you tighten it too much. I wear it loose enough to not slide. I only wear it for half an hour to an hour at a time, and it’s best when you’re sitting around watching TV or eating or something. I do not wear it under clothes so I can’t comment on that.

I’d say, if you saw this on Shark Tank and were thinking about it, get it. It’s worth the money to me. And it’s helping. I had shoulder surgery two months ago and know I have bad posture. It’s helping my shoulder heal and my posture gets better!!!”

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Notable factors

Of course, you have many benefits of this product, but one thing that may affect your decision is – size. When selecting one, you would like to have the appropriate size for your needs. This is particularly of more interest for people who believe that they are small, but actually fit appropriately in the category of medium.

Size is of utmost importance to achieve maximum benefits out of this product as this brace has to conform to your back. It is commonly seen that users happen to choose the wrong size

In order to make sure you have the right product with the appropriate size, you must check the size chart carefully as released by the manufacturer on their website. It is also recommended to measure your back to make sure that the brace will fit your body perfectly.

Be patient with yourself. Correcting poor posture can take a long time, especially if you’ve had bad posture for years. – Wikihow

An overview

This product is getting thumbs up from most of the users as it has shown to work. While you are putting it on, you will have a better stance. However, manufacturer says that it is designed for permanent posture improvement.

This is a wonderful product to correct your posture that you can wear even when you go for a daily walk or jog, work on your computer in your office or home or do anything anywhere. It makes for a better posture while enjoying all your favourite activities.

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When you will try it for the first time, you may feel like an engineer putting the brace on while reading the instruction. It will be interesting arranging and putting it on. But once everything is adjusted, it will seem perfectly fine.

When walking or sitting after your day’s activity, you will note improvement in your posture. Every time you feel as if you are slouching, it will correct you. In fact, you wouldn’t even realise it’s working.

People who find it difficult purchasing such products online for the size factor can benefit from its easy return funda offered the manufacturer. They make sure no-question asked return policy under which you can return your product within 30-day.

You can feel a significant improvement in your posture with just a few weeks of use. Correcting the posture also soothes lower back pain and gives you immense relief.

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