5 Reasons Why Men Choose an Adult Circumcision

5 Reasons Why Men Choose an Adult Circumcision

Right now, if you asked the majority of men who have had their foreskins removed about their circumcision experience as babies, they’ll probably say they don’t recall anything. As a result, most parents choose to circumcise their babies when they won’t remember any pain.

However, some parents choose to avoid circumcisions, and these children must decide later in life if adult circumcision is right for them.

There are many reasons why adult men choose circumcision later in life, all of which are valid and common.

Keep reading if you’re wondering if adult circumcision is a decision that’s best for you.

  1. Personal, Religious and Cultural Decisions

Some men receive an because they convert to a new religion later in life. In some cultures, men are required to undergo circumcision, but mostly at a young age.

Some men simply prefer the look and feel of a circumcised penis. It’s common for men to prefer the aesthetics of a circumcised penis and decide to receive an operation as an adult.

For others, circumcision is less of a personal decision and more about avoiding dangerous or uncomfortable health conditions that affect men’s health.

  1. Treatment and Disease Prevention

Having an uncircumcised penis can lead to various , some of which include penile cancer, some STDs, HIV, and recurrent Urinary Tract Infections that can be avoided through circumcision.

Circumcision may also be necessary to prevent or treat foreskin related conditions, like:

  • Phimosis is the inability to retract the foreskin due to a tightening of the tissue at the penis’s tip.
  • Paraphimosis is when the foreskin rolls back over the penis’s tip, and it’s too tight to bring it back under.
The banana's top is peeled off - Adult Circumcision
  1. Prevention of Foreskin Injury

Your penis can become infected since your foreskin covers it. If theforeskin tears, then the surrounding skin and the urethra can also be damaged.

Circumcision is an option to address foreskin disfiguration, depending on the severity of the injury and whether you have religious or personal objections to it.

  1. Prevent Inflammation and Bacterial Infections

Uncircumcised men are at risk of developing infections and inflammation under and around their foreskin. For example, posthitis affects just the foreskin but not the rest of the body. Your penis’s head is inflamed when you have Balanitis. You have balanoposthitis if you have both places inflamed.

Infections are most commonly caused by an accumulation of bacteria. However, they can also be viral or fungal. You are more likely to get phimosis, paraphimosis, penile cancer, and a skin condition called lichen sclerosis if you have an infection in your penis.

  1. Easier Hygiene

An uncircumcised penis still has the foreskin on. To wash, it has to be pulled back gently and washed underneath.

The natural lubricant Smegma can be present on the penis and the foreskin and helps keep the penis wet and healthy. If neglected, the smegma that forms in the foreskin can start to create an odor, make it difficult to pull the skin back and serve as an ideal breeding ground for bacteria.

The penis is easier to clean after circumcision because the foreskin that would normally hide dirt is removed. Many people choose adult circumcision to avoid the cleaning demands that come with foreskin.


Adult circumcision appeals to many men for personal and medical reasons. Simpler hygiene, a lower risk of pediatric urinary tract infection, and protection from foreskin injury are just a few of the potential advantages.

The decision to receive an adult circumcision is completely up to you; keep these reasons to receive an adult circumcision in mind as you consider the procedure and speak to a specialist for personalized advice.

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