Selena Gomez’s Complete Dating History

Selena Gomez’s Complete Dating History

Selena Gomez, an American singer and artist, made her first debut in the music industry in 2008: “Tell me something I don’t know.” This star got her own fan club; they call it the Selenators.

She topped the Billboard charts many times with her albums like Rare and Revival.

Selena Gomez was mostly seen in the media for her relationships, and this is what they look like:

  • Nick Jonas: 2008
Selena Gomez in sky blue top with pink shrug and nick jonas in black and white sweat shirt posing for camera - selena gomez husband

The little Jonas brother and pop singer Selena were pictured together in 2008 after starring in Burnin’ up, but their relationship didn’t last for months.

  • Taylor Lautner: 2009
Selena Gomez in white dress and Taylor Lautner in check shirt posing for camera - selena gomez

Selena dated Taylor Lautner, the lead star of twilight, a supernatural series. She said they met on the sets of the twilight saga in 2009 and didn’t have it for long, while the star actor started to date swift.

  • David Henrie: DECEMBER 2010 TO APRIL 2014

Gomez was seen dating her co-star from the wizard series in 2010. The couple had a sweet long-term relationship until they announced their split in 2014.

  • Justin Bieber: OCTOBER 2017 TO MARCH 2018

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber were spotted together in 2017 after Justin broke up with Hailey Baldwin. It didn’t last long until Justin returned to Hailey with a ring. Selena felt actually relieved, as she says.

  • Zedd: JUNE 2014 TO OCTOBER 2014

Zedd, the Russian DJ, and Selena had a fling after their collab, “I Want You to Know” the fans scared the shit out of Zedd with privacy hacking affecting their breakup in the same year.

  • Charlie Puth: MARCH 2016

Charlie Puth and Selena dated after their collaboration “we don’t talk anymore” their relationship was short but impactful, says Puth.

  • Samuel Krost: CIRCA JANUARY 2016
Samuel Krost and selena gomez in one photo - selena gomez boyfriend

Samuel Krost, a fashion designer, was seen holding hands with Selena, later confirming their short-term relationship on Instagram.

  • Niall Horan: DECEMBER 2015

The former Irish blonde from One Direction and Selena had a fling in 2015, but both insisted they were only friends.

  • Orlando Bloom: MAY 2016

Not long after, Selena was seen with Orlando bloom, but they cleared it up; they tend to meet often because they share a manager and are good friends, not Selena Gomez’s boyfriend.

  • The Weeknd: JANUARY 2017 TO OCTOBER 2017
Selena Gomez in white deep neck dress and Weeknd in blue suit with white shirt posing for camera - selena gomez husband

The Weeknd and Selena had a really sweet relationship for 10 months. After calling it a quiet time, they don’t seem to be friends anymore.

  • Chris Evans: OCTOBER 2021

Selena had a big-time crush on Chris Evans, but the actor seems to be dating someone else, clearing all the rumors on the internet about Selena Gomez and Chris Evans being together.

But fans can’t get over Chris being Selena Gomez’s husband.

Selena Gomez’s Latest Hairstyles

  • Blunt Bob

Selena looked absolutely perfect with a brown blunt bob look on TikTok Trail back in 2021.

  • Platinum Blonde Locks

Selena returned to being blonde in mid-2021 and posted it, saying the entire process took eight hours.

  • Twisted Knot

Oh, babe, you think you look classy? Nah, not more than Selena rocking a highlighted braided bun.

  • Beachy Braids

Selena gave out major beach vibes with loosely braided locks and free bangs. The light-colored tips gave a big summer look.

  • Wet Waves

Selena Gomez’s short hair looked sparkling with some wet waves in the AMA’s while performing lose you to love me.

  • Half-Up, Half-Down

TBH Selena pulls off any hairstyle easily, so is this super chic half-up, half-down hairdo.

  • Flipped Ends

Selena Gomez’s haircuts are always iconic; these softly curled ends give enough proof.

  • Middle Part

We have seen Selena in most hairstyles, but the middle-parted styles score more. We believe she loves it.

  • Caramel Highlights

A soft subtle look from Selena again. Caramel highlighted short waves are something a brunette should definitely try.

  • Curly Side Part

Seriously Selena is giving off major hair transformation trends. Just look at this curly side part hairdo. We think it’s time to get a short haircut.

  • Long Locks

Ok, this is something dramatic. Those long locks are just as dramatic as her eye makeup.

Selena Gomez Without Makeup Photos

  • Bare and Beautiful

Selena Gomez was bare with no makeup on her face while demonstrating her new spring collection from RARE beauty.

  • Rare Beauty

Selena was seen on her Instagram live with her makeup talking about mental health awareness.

  • Clean Face Selfie

Gomez looks incredibly beautiful with no makeup in a selfie.

  • Product Check Time

Selena was spotted testing out some makeup samplers in a no-makeup look at an outlet.

  • Teen look

Gomez was spotted walking down the streets with a no-makeup look, a short bob, and wearing casual denim.

  • Public Snack

The singer was spotted snacking on the streets with no makeup. Looks like she’s enjoying it.

  • Soft Smile

Selena was captured posing with a soft smile and no makeup.