BREAKING INTERNET : Skinny Boy is a “BodyBuilder now”

BREAKING INTERNET : Skinny Boy is a “BodyBuilder now”

Viet Doan is hard to miss. You will be amazed to see him and shocked to know how different is his present from his childhood.

The boy now has a chest which is three times wider than his waist. His biceps are 50 centimeters and his 1000 watt smile is hard to miss. Doan said that people love to take a photograph with him whenever they come for a trip to Bali.

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Bodybuilding Skinny Boy
BREAKING INTERNET: lean Boy is a “BodyBuilder now”

He laughs when he says

“I suppose it’s not every day you see a six foot two Asian with a little bit of muscle walking the streets,”

But this 34-year-old guy is too modest.

“I always thought I was just a quiet Canberra boy. I never thought I’d leave. But in last 18 months, everything’s just changed,”

He started his journey with bodybuilding. And he excelled at the Arnold Sports festival series. In 2017 he went on to stand second in Arnold Classic Europe. And he was named as the overall physique champion in the year 2018. In 2019 he got an invitation to the Ornald classic.

Bodybuilding Skinny Boy
BREAKING INTERNET: lean Boy is a “BodyBuilder now”

Doan remembers his childhood and says that he was the smallest kid of all. He was also the skinniest. When he turned 11, then only he begins to grow. By 19, he was weighing 58 kg and his height was 6 feet.

He is really thankful to his family members especially his mother and grandmother who encouraged him in this journey.

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He shared

“You always, as a kid, aspire to be big and muscly. But I never thought I would get to the size I am now or do what I’m doing,”

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