The Best Self-Care Products for Runners

The Best Self-Care Products for Runners

As the miles accumulate, so does the stress on your body. In fact, it is pretty much only a matter of time. According to one survey, over 90 percent of all runners will injure themselves during a one-year period.The good news is there are products you can use during or after a run that will help your body better handle, prevent, and recuperate from injuries. Along with they have less comfortable effects of running.

Here are our top product picks for runners and why:

  1. Neutrogena’s sport sunscreen

Want to know what the most common cancer in the world is? According to the American Cancer Society, it’s skin cancer. And one of the primary causes of Melanoma skin cancer is too much sun. Don’t let your run put you in the hospital. If you are going for a run anytime during the day, you’re going to want to use this product. Neutrogena has created a sunscreen for an athlete that provides 50 SPF coverage. It is sweat-resistant for up to 80 minutes and feels cool and comfortable on your skin. Probably because the composition of this lotion is oil-free. It is also lightweight and absorbs fast. 5 ounces sells for $10.49.

  1. Quattro Pro Massager

One of the unfortunate side effects of running is the stress placed on muscles that shouldn’t be used for certain movements. When muscles are too tight to be used at the optimum range, your body will turn to the next muscles that it feels are strongest. Even for movement that should be controlled by other muscle groups. Doing this places unnatural stress on these muscles and that can lead to injury. To help prevent this from happening, make sure to massage tight muscles after a run.

The Quattro Pro Massager can be self-applied to tight muscle groups to help target this specific problem. It was created by a chiropractor with years of experience treating muscle-related pain. This massager can provide both Trigger Point Therapy and heat therapy for runners. And it is what runners everywhere should have in their closets at $39.95.

  1. Bodyglide

Has this happened to you yet? That red burn, AKA chafing, that happens with continuous rubbing of clothes against skin. It can be hard to find clothes that don’t chafe the skin when on a 10-mile run. But with a lotion that prevents chafing, you can still wear your favorite pair of shorts, or your lucky T-shirt, and go for a run without fear of that red burn.

Bodyglide seems to rule the roost as far as anti-chafe lotion goes. It sells for $15.53 in a 2.5 ounce bottle. Simply smooth it on before getting dressed. And apply it anywhere your clothes might touch your skin. This lotion does not interfere with your ability to sweat, and it remains effective for a long time.

  1. Nuun Active Hydration

Running dehydrates you at a pretty fast rate. You sweat and sweat some more. When your body sweats you don’tonly lose water. You also lose sodium. So it is important to replenish your sodium levels along with your water levels after your run. Nuun Active Hydration created a great solution for runners. They have made tablets that can be dissolved in a glass of water that contains the exact elements your body needs after sweating it out on a run. Sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, and electrolytes. Each tube contains 12 tablets, and you can buy 4 tubes per 1 box at $20.

Running can be considered a high risk, high reward sport. You get enhanced ability to manage your weight. Not to mention that you will be getting all the health perks that exercise brings to the table, such as disease prevention and better sleep at night. If you take the time to give your body the care and recovery it needs post-run, you will be doing your part to prevent injury.


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