The Innocent Soul

The Innocent Soul

The Innocent Soul 1

Me and Sameer have been in a relationship for the past two years but today destiny just played her game and parted us away. I just couldn’t believe what I heard that moment. Not only I but the entire batch was surprised by the way his true colors came out. Siza was a girl who entered the life our life and shattered it within a fraction of seconds.

“He did it with me,” cried Siza. “Yes, I liked him but I was never a characterless girl with whom a guy can just do anything and leave her the next morning. I am not a stupid girl who will just weep over the night out and will let him stay with another girl.”

Playing the sympathy card she suddenly turned towards me and continued, “Priya he is a big cheater, he is using you as well for his pleasure. He doesn’t love you. Believe me. He slept with me last night and had just made a joke of everything. I just won’t spare him.”

I saw everyone staring at me and sympathizing with mine and Siza’s tears. We were innocent and everyone looked at Sameer with anger. I was just not sure what to do at that point of time. I saw Sameer calling out my name and trying his level best to get me out of this shock but I just wasn’t ready for anything.

“Priya, you have to trust me, baby. She is just trying to gain the sympathy of these people so that she can win me but I only love you.” He held my hand and said, “If you are there with me I don’t care what others think about me.”

“We all know that he is a big Cassanova. He has always played with girls’ emotions. He can only use them he cannot love anyone. Priya don’t fall in his trap again,” I heard someone shouting from the back but I wasn’t in a state to see who the person was. I got irritated by the comments and I just pushed Sameer away. He knew it well that now he was alone.

“You really think I will trust you. I knew who you were before and I still fell in love with you. You told me that you’ve changed as you genuinely love me but a guy like you is not worth anyone’s love or trust so please don’t try to talk to me ever. We are no more together. I end our relationship right now.”

I didn’t wish to notice his reaction as it would make me weaker and so I left the spot immediately and went to my flat. Sameer was badly disturbed by the incident as everyone knew he was wrong. But was he really wrong? Did he seriously try to force her into that? I just wanted to get rid of these thoughts and forget everything that had happened that day.


Sameer sat on the floor sobbing and sobbing until a hand was kept on his shoulder.

“Priya,” he called. The moment he saw that the person was Siza, he immediately moved backward.

“You know it well that I love her. Still, you lied and tried to defame me. Yes, I was a bad guy before but after I fell in love with her I have changed. You just did something after which nobody would ever trust a girl. Just for a few selfish motives you…….”

“Oh common, there’s nothing wrong in defaming the image of a guy who is already famous for it. Don’t worry sweetheart, I am there for you forever.”

He was not at all interested in speaking to her as he feared that she might create a false scene again. He tried to escape but she kept on blocking his way. Suddenly, I entered and Siza started playing her sympathy game again.

“Priya he was trying to hurt me again. Thank God you’re here.”

“Yes, I have a habit of entering at the right time and I think it’s time for someone to face the consequences. Both of you just come along with me. Everyone is waiting for us. I will make sure the guilty gets his punishment.

The three of us rushed towards the classroom where everyone was waiting for us.

“So, I finally want to reveal the truth and what I just saw a few minutes back, and my phone will justify it.”

I took out my cell phone and started playing the recording of the conversation that Priya and Sameer had when they were alone before I came. Yes, it was my plan to make her feel that I have broken up with him so that she just spills out the truth all by herself. The reality of that night was that Sameer was drunk and she wanted to take advantage but he just yelled at her and left. Her ego was hurt and she wanted to just win him anyway or seek revenge. I didn’t know her motive behind this but she should have known that love is all about trust. If I have loved someone I would trust her no matter if the world is against him.

“So friends, before judging anyone all of us should know that love can transform a bad person and so love did with Sameer. He is changed guy and I trust him on that. Please, never ever judge anyone in future like this.”

After proving his innocence we both just hugged each other and I saw Siza running away from us and getting out of our life forever.

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