Top 5 Tissue Paper Wipes in India

Top 5 Tissue Paper Wipes in India

Are you not happy with your present tissue paper wipes? Are you in search of a better tissue paper which is softer and stronger? Are you looking for tissue paper which suits your skin perfectly? Then this article is a must read for you!!

India is a land of blazing hot summer. Moreover, the increasing temperature has made it more unbearable in the recent times. At such situation if you are planning to go out then you will definitely need a pack of good tissues for your skin. Whether you are oily skinned, dry skinned or normal skinned, the heat won’t show mercy on anyone! However, thankfully there are things called wet wipes which will keep your skin hydrated all the time.

But finding the best kind of tissues can be quite tricky with so many options available in the market. So, how will you know which tissue paper are the perfect one for you??

We absolutely understand how difficult it is to search, read all the reviews and find out which is the best one among all the tissue papers in the market. So, we have done the difficult part for you and made a list of the top 5 tissue paper wipes for you to choose from.

Go through the list below and purchase the one you like the most!!

  1. Clean and Clear All in one cleansing wipes

Choose these wipes if you are in search of convenient, travel-friendly and easy to use tissue wipes. These tissues are designed to remove the excess oil and sweat from your face and skin during your long and tiring travels. They are clinically tested, so you need not worry about any side effects. These are 100% safe for your skin. Moreover, it comes with a sweet fragrance that you will definitely love. Once you use it, you will get a refreshing feeling on your skin. However, these wipes are not recommended for the dry skinned people since it may remove the natural oil and sebum from the skin making it more dry and flaky.

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  1. Kara Refreshing Facial Wipes

Are you in search of a facial wipe which is infused with natural ingredient? Then you should try out Kara Refreshing Facial Wipes. These wipes are made for the oily skinned. These are infused with cucumber, mint and Aloe Vera. All these help in refreshing and soothing your skin from the extreme heat burn. The mint controls the oiliness of the skin by strengthening the skin tissue. Moreover, these are among the most affordable wipes in the Indian market. However, it’s not that good for the dry skinned people.

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  1. The Body Shop Cleansing Wipes

This body cleansing wipes are infused with the amazing tea tree oil which unclogs your skin pores for better breathability. This helps in refreshing the skin and makes it shinier. It is made up of biodegradable and natural ingredients so that there is no harsh effect on your delicate skin. These tissues come in small packs which are travel-friendly and easy to use. It instantly soaks up the excess oil from the skin leaving a fresh, shiny and matte look.

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  1. Neutrogena Deep Clean- Oil Free Make Up Remover

Neutrogena is among the top most skin care brands in India and they also have a tissue wipes which are extremely soft and travel-friendly. These pre-moist wipes absorbs the excess oil and sebum secreted from your skin to give you a fresh and sweat free look. It is most suitable for the oily skinned people. Moreover these face tissues are allergy tested so it is also applicable for highly sensitive skin.

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  1. Johnson’s Facial Cleansing Wipes

Approved by the expert dermatologists around the world, these face wipes are 100% safe for the sensitive skinned people. In addition to that you can also use it for removing any kind of waterproof eye makeup! It is free from any harsh chemicals or alcohols. These tissues are also applicable for infant care (If only doctor approves it). It can be used on both sensitive and dry skinned as the contents are all skin type friendly and also mild. If you have any skin complications, these wipes will also help in reducing them. So, if you are in search of a tissue that is good for the sensitive skin then you should use this one.

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