6 Best Hairstyles of India opener Shubman Gill

Undercut with Spikes

Shubman Gill's undercut with spikes hairstyle is a trendy choice for men, with shaved sides and back and longer hair styled into upward spikes for an edgy appearance.

Old School Haircut 

Shubman Gill's old school haircut is a stylish yet classic choice, with closely cropped sides and a longer, slicked-back top creating a timeless look.

Side parting Mid Fade Medium Hair

Shubman Gill's versatile and modern mid-fade medium hair with a side parting creates a clean and sophisticated look, with a mid-fade on the sides.

Shubman Gill's pompadour is an iconic and daring hairstyle, featuring short sides and voluminous hair on top, creating a contrast and accentuating the height and shape of the hair.


Side Parting Mid Hair 

Shubman Gill's mid-length hair styled with a side parting is a classic and timeless hairstyle. It involves a natural side part and creates a clean and polished look.