6 Yastika Bhatia Hairstyles: Must Try

Shoulder Length Straight Hair

Yastika Bhatia's shoulder-length straight hair is a popular and versatile hairstyle that she prefers because it can be easily styled in different ways and requires minimal maintenance.

 Bun with Gajra

Yastika Bhatia's traditional Indian hairstyle is a bun with gajra, which involves adorning a bun with a string of flowers for a beautiful and elegant appearance.

Long Blunt Cut

Yastika Bhatia's long blunt-cut hairstyle is characterized by straight-cut ends that create a modern and sleek appearance, which is easy to maintain and style.

Shoulder Length Step Cut

A shoulder-length step cut hairstyle consists of layered hair of varying lengths that creates a fuller and more dynamic look with added volume and texture.

Step Cut

Yastika Bhatia's step cut is featuring layers of hair that are cut at different lengths, creating a cascading effect that adds dimension, texture, and volume to the hair.