12 beauty benefits of apple to get gorgeous skin and hair

12 beauty benefits of apple to get gorgeous skin and hair

Apples are delicious whether you are devouring on apple pie or apple juice. But do you know these apples can also make your skin and hair gorgeous?

Apples are a storehouse of essential fibers and nutrients. A medium-sized apple contains about 4 grams of fiber, 95 calories, 4 milligrams vitamin C, 196 milligrams potassium and various other antioxidants which are good for our body. That’s why there is a saying, ‘An apple a day, keeps the doctor away’.

Well, this lovely and tasty fruit is not only good for our health but also has positive effects on our skin and hair.

Read on to learn about the 12 incredible ways to get gorgeous skin and hair with apples!

  1. Keeps your skin plump

If you have dry skin then apple can surely help you out. Apples have amazing nourishing and hydrating properties. They have high water content which provides the skin with the right amount of fluid to make it look plump and supple. The potassium and the biomolecule tannin present in apples help skin remain hydrated.

What you need to do:

Cut the apple in slices. Take one slice and rub it on your face and hands till it dries up. The fluid in the fruit will slip into your skin pores and balance the oil levels of the skin. This keeps the skin hydrated.

  1. Used as natural moisturizer

Since apples have moisturizing properties, it is used in many beauty products and homemade moisturizers. The high water content in this fruit maintains the right amount of moisture in the upper layer of the epidermis. Moreover, this also forms a layer of coating on the skin and protects it from infection and dryness.

What you need to do:

You may easily find beauty products in the market which have apple extracts or apple cider. But we recommend you to go for the homemade apple moisturizers. For making homemade moisturizer, you need to mix apple puree, honey, and sour cream to make a paste. Use this paste on your skin as a natural moisturizer to get a smoother skin.

  1. Cleanses and brightens your skin

Apple also has cleansing properties. Pollution and dirt in the air have a devastating effect on our skin. Every time we step out of our house, our skin gets exposed to pollution and the skin pores get blocked by dirt. So, cleansing becomes a vital part of the beauty regime. However, most of the cleansers don’t work well on your skin. If you are also facing the same problem, then it’s recommended you go for this amazing fruit.

What you need to do:

Take a tablespoon of apple juice and honey along with 2 tablespoons of milk. Mix them all together to form a paste. Apply this paste on your skin and let it rest for few minutes. When done, wash it off with cold water. After use, you will be surprised to see how this simple paste can make your skin cleansed and make it glow!

  1. Lightens skin complexion

If you have been trying out various artificial, chemical-based skin-lightening beauty products, then we recommend you to try out apples. Yes, apples! They contain essential Vitamin C and other nutrients which can make your complexion a few shades lighter with proper use. It won’t be a forced glow but a natural glow instead.

What you need to do:

For making a homemade remedy for skin lightening, you simply need to take two tablespoons of apple peel powder and one tablespoon of honey. Mix these ingredients together and add in a small quantity of powdered oatmeal. Make a paste out of this and apply it on your skin. Let it rest for about 20 minutes and then wash it off to make your skin look fairer and improve the skin texture!

  1. Exfoliates your skin

Exfoliating the skin is an important part of the beauty regime and apples can also use a great exfoliator for your skin. If you are sick of using your market-bought exfoliator which doesn’t work well, then it’s time you go for apple made exfoliator. Malic acid present in apples works as a powerful exfoliating agent.

What you need to do:

For making homemade exfoliator, mix two tablespoons of fresh apple pulp and lemon juice with one tablespoon of oatmeal and honey. Make a paste and apply it on the face, neck, and hands. Leave it to rest for around 10 minutes and then wash it off. This will cure your dry skin and remove the blackheads!

  1. Acts as sunscreen

Apples can help guard your skin against harmful UV rays. Moreover, it’s Vitamins A, B and C along with the other oxidants repair sun damaged skin. So, if you are looking for the best sunscreen for your skin, we recommend you to try out an apple homemade sunscreen. This homemade sunscreen leaves a very cooling effect on the skin after use and treats the minor sunburns and itchiness as well.

What you need to do:

For using apple as a sunscreen all you need to do is take some apple juice and mix some honey with it. Use this paste on the skin every time you go out. Also, apply a fresh layer when you return back. This will soothe your sun burnt skin.

  1. Lightens dark circles

One of the most common skin problems we face is dark circles! But treating dark circles is quite easy with apple. Not only it’s easy but effective as well. With its proper application, your dark circles will lighten within a short period of time and you don’t even have to worry about any side effects.

The various minerals and vitamins in the apples play a huge role in nourishing the skin near the eyes and lightening the dark circles. The Vitamin B and C reduces dark circles and potassium nourishes sensitive skin near your eyes.

What you need to do:

Take few slices of green apples and boil them in some water. After the slices are tender, mash them into a paste and allow it to cool down. Use this paste under your eye area to lighten those dark circles and soothe the skin. You may also place apple slices on each eye for around 15 minutes to reduce stress and puffiness from your eyes!

  1. Prevents acne

Acne is another common skin problem which not only gives you a dull look but also has a negative effect on skin health. At such times, we generally go for the chemical based acne treating ointment but most of them don’t work! Moreover, if you have sensitive skin, you just end up having few more pimples on your face.

Well, then what you can do is to go for an apple made beauty product. Apples consist minerals such as calcium, iron, potassium, phosphorous and vitamin-like A and C. All these nutrients work as a perfect skin cleanser. Moreover, fiber and water content in it keeps the skin healthy and help in preventing acne problems!

What you need to do:

Refrigerate an apple and peel it once taken out. Mash it properly to make a thick paste of it. Add some milk or honey to it and apply it nicely on your skin. Regular usage of this paste helps remove the dark spots and reduce the outburst of pimples!!

  1. Treats Eczema

Eczema is a dry skin condition which varies from person to person. If you also face the problem of eczema and still didn’t find any proper treatment then it’s time you go for apple made beauty product.

Apple cider vinegar behaves as a great solution to this problem. This has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties due to the presence of acetic acid and malic acid. It also treats skin infections and other minor outbreaks of diseases.

What you need to do:

Make a mix of two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and water. Apply this solution to eczema affected areas to reduce dryness and itchiness caused by the disease!

  1. Acts as toner

Apple can also work as amazing toners which tighten skin pores and stimulate blood circulation. Raw apple pulp and apple cider vinegar work as great toners if applied properly. The apple cider vinegar helps in clearing skin pores off pathogens and oil which are responsible for acne problems. This also balances the skin’s pH levels and controls the oil production in the skin.

What you need to do:

For using apple as a toner, you need to dip a cotton ball in high-value apple cider and dab it on your face. Try to cover all places for the best result. This process will surely keep pimples at bay and also keep the skin pores tightened!

  1. Promotes healthy hair and stimulates hair growth

Apples also have an amazing effect on your hair. It contains biotin which is known to stimulate hair growth and nail growth. Generally, doctors prescribe biotin for hair loss. Moreover, it also contains a compound called procyanidin B-2 which thickens hair and also helps in making it look healthier. It also prevents hair thinning and male pattern baldness.

What you need to do:

Try to use hair products which contain apple extracts and also eat apples every day!

  1. Treats dandruff problem

Apples can also help in treating dandruff problem. Dandruff is generally caused due to dry scalp. Using apple juice onto the scalp restores the right pH balance and moisture to it. The malic acid present in it works as a scalp exfoliator and removes the dry cells and dandruff. It also treats the itchiness which is caused due to dandruff.

What you need to do:

Get some apple juice by crushing and extracting juice of fresh apple. Add lemon juice to it or use it as it is on your scalp. Make sure it reaches to the hair roots and each and every area of the scalp. Rinse your hair after use!

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