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Age calculator is a date of birth calculator that helps to understand a person’s age calculator from date of birth to the current date. The online dob calculator shows not only the years but also the months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and seconds of a person’s age. 

Why do we need an age calculator?

Age is the most crucial part of any person’s identity. It is required for formal as well as informal details of a person. An age calculator app is an easy way to understand the age details of anyone. This birthday calculator gives every small detail of age with very little input.

The best age calculator with date of birth as of 2023 also tells the duration for the upcoming birthday of the user; hence it can be known as the birthday age calculator.

Format of age calculator

The format of the age calculator from birthday is always in DD/MM/YYYY to avoid confusion. The user needs to enter the date of birth on the age calculator formula.Now you don’t need an age calculator in Excel.

Types of age calculator

There are many forms of current age calculators in India, for example, age calculators by year.

While the age calculator as on date or age calculator on a date is used to tell the days of the user’s life from birth to today’s date.

  • The present age calculator India defines the months of a person’s age.
  • Also, the body age calculator years is used for determining the user’s age in years.
  • This online age calculator by date of birth tells the birthday in years, months, and days.
  • The birth age calculator difference formula tells the difference between two people’s birthdates.
  • The age calculator birthday is the user’s next birthday duration from the current date.


An exact age calculator online requires a person to mention the date of birth and time. While using an age calculator from DOB gives detailed information about the duration a person has lived. The live age calculator by birthday is the easiest way to understand every single detail of anyone’s age.