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Use a healthy weight calculator for adults to know how much should I weigh for my height and age.

Body weight is the most important aspect of health. Keeping the weight in check is the most crucial part of aging.

Conversely, being overweight or underweight can have a bad effect on health. Methods of finding an Ideal body weight calculator in kg using a formula have been in search by many experts for a long time.

The height weight calculator helps to determine the weight and suggests the right weight. D R Miller Weight Calculator calculates the body weight based on age, height, and gender.

Body weight chart by age

A body weight chart by age helps to understand the ideal weight calculator India a person should have according to their age. World health organization has developed a W.H.O. ideal weight chart that recommends 18.5 – 25 for both males and females, an ideal BMI.

The body weight calculation formula differs per age; here are some formulae used to calculate body weight:

  • For Infants < 12 months: Weight (kg) = (age in months + 9)/2
  • For Children aged 1-5 years: Weight (kg) = 2 x (age in years + 5)
  • For Children aged 5-14 years: Weight (kg) = 4 x age in years.

Height and weight chart

The height-to-weight chart gives a clear idea of weight as per the individual’s height.

While a height weight chart with age gives an even better idea of determining the right weight per height and age. Charts that compare the weight to height are not completely reliable measurement tools.

Height and weight are influenced by both heredity and lifestyle. A height weight chart in kg is easier to understand since pounds and other units can be confusing sometimes.

Here is an example of the height-weight chart according to age:

AgeWeight (in KG)Height (in CM)
5 Months7.17 kg64.2 cm
5 years17.92 kg107.9 cm
10 years31.98 kg138.4 cm
15 years52.16 kg159.7 cm
20 years58.06 kg163.3 cm

Height and weight chart as per gender

Men and women are biologically different. Their weight differs from each other per height as well as age. Weight also depends upon demographic, psychological, and lifestyle factors.

As per the height weight chart woman of 5 feet should have a weight of 40-50 kg on average.

The weight of a 5 feet man should be at least 50 to 60 kg. Weight varies from the continent; it is observed that in Asia, the average weight is around 60kg, while in Africa average human weight is around 80 kg. It is also observed that a man gains more weight than a woman.

Body-to-weight chart

A healthy body-to-weight chart says that a BMI of lower than 18.5 is underweight, while BMI between 25 and 30 is overweight.

An ideal BMI ranges between 18.5 and 20. A body-to-weight calculator computes body weight per height, age, and gender. A body-to-weight chart helps to determine if you have a healthy BMI index.


An ideal weight calculator in kg is a sign of a healthy body; hence it is encased to understand your weight as per age. There is various online weight calculator where the user only needs to enter height, gender, and age then the calculator automatically shows the weight.