About Us

Welcome to Find Health Tips, a health & fitness oriented website that has all the current happenings, news, updates, and tips on all things health. Founded in 2015, we’ve put together a team of remarkable young minds that live and breathe technology and guarantee to bring you only the most reliable and non-biased news, reviews and updates.

Find Health Tips is a part of Blogging Studio. This blog has been set up with the vision of providing right in-depth health information, and the language used in this blog is general English which can be easily be understood by a non-medical person.

What is the Next Milestone?

A targeted milestone that has been set to find health tips, has been accomplished successfully in the past 3 months. We are continuously producing user engaging content and getting more than 200K+ page views a month (June 2018). We have a goal to set up more niche based health and lifestyle blogs.

Along with this, we are planning ahead to set up a specialized health marketing and web development agency. Those who are interested may contact us here.

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