How to Become Taller Naturally: 11 Steps (with Pictures)

How to Become Taller Naturally: 11 Steps (with Pictures)

People who are dissatisfied with their short height can now increase their height and grow taller in several natural ways. Though there is a belief that one cannot grow taller naturally after a certain age yet there are certain methods which help the body to grow. If you follow these methods strictly in your day to day life than you can add a few extra inches to your actual height naturally. To follow this regimen you have to disciplined and determined at your heart and you need to be patient you’re your growing tall process. Here, I have listed 11 natural steps, which assure you to offer chances to increase your potential for height growth.

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  1. Start with stretching

Stretch your arms and legs in the morning and the good thing is that you can do this lying in your bed. Waking up in the morning and instead of jumping out of the bed, you should stretch and twist your body even while in the bed. Stretch your arms extending them upwards over your head and your legs downward. This will stretch your body joints and the spine, pull your muscles and even develop your posture. You can do this just in two minutes but it has effective results in increasing your height.

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  1. Deep Breathing

After stretching a bit your body, take a deep breath still lying in the bed. While breathing you should inhale through your nose and exhale though your mouth. You can also practice this standing erect and high. Taking deep breaths daily for three minutes will help feel your lungs with fresh air thus will invigorate it.

  1. Enjoy Morning Sun

Morning Sun
Morning sunlight has a very good impact on our body. Being a rich source of vitamin D, it help our body to grow well. Vitamin D is an important ingredient required for proper growth and development of our body. So expose yourself to the morning sunlight as much as you can.

  1. Enjoy outdoor Stroll

Outdoor Stroll
Take time to stroll outside. This will help you to breathe fresh air and rejuvenate yourself. Walking is also considered as one of the best form of exercises for physical health. Take leisurely walks everyday but remember to take rest when you are tired.

  1. Regular Exercise

Regular Exercise
Regular exercising is one of the best mantras to make your body grow. There are several different forms of exercises when done properly can help you gain height and grow taller. Walking, jogging, jumping, swimming, cycling, etc are sure to assist you in your height gain process. It is always better to walk outside in the morning time as you can enjoy the morning sunlight at the same time. You should also perform tip-toe exercise by standing on your toes keeping your heals as high as possible from the floor. This you can do anytime of the day, say while dressing, undressing or whenever you get free time. This makes your body stretched and also assist in improving your posture. Regular exercise will also help you to maintain your weight, blood flow, stress, boost energy etc.

  1. Relax your body with Massage

It is very important to relax you body after exercising and you can do this by massaging your body for a couple of minutes. Massaging your body will help stimulate the glands to produce growth hormones in more quantity. Be careful to massage your back, knees, ankles, hip joints, thump pads, neck area and other parts of your body.

  1. Well-balanced Diet

Healthy Diet
Eat nutritious food rich in vitamins and minerals. We have a taste for chips and soda but we should avoid them as they are not conducive to growth. A diet containing foods rich in vitamins, carbohydrate, protein, calcium, iron, zinc is important to boost your potential for growth and development. You should eat smaller meals (say five smaller meals a day) at regular interval. Drink a lot of water, this will help you to wash away the saturated fat from the body.

  1. Avoid smoking, drinking and Steroids

Smoking and drinking do not have any positive impact on our body rather they retard our growth. If we start smoking and drinking at an early age, we do no good to our body rather we facilitate pumping poison into it. So, if you are into these and sincerely want to increase your height then you have shun them as much as possible.

  1. Take sufficient rest or nap

Resting is a vital factor for body growth. Lying down for 15 to 30 minutes at intervals will help your spinal column and muscles to relax. Doctors say that it is only during sleeping or while taking rest, our body grows maximum. And, we can be in the most relaxed and rested state possibly when we are sleeping. This is why a good and undisturbed sleep for at least 6 to 7 hours is beneficial. Take rest or power naps whenever you feel tired. You should sleep flat on your back and avoid using pillow.

  1. Good Postures

Sit Straight Body Posture
If you maintain correct posture while standing, walking, sitting and even while sleeping, it will boost your height growth potential. So, remain straight and do not slump whether you are standing or sitting. This will make you feel and look better and also make you look taller than your actual height.

  1. Avoid Stress

Avoid Stress
Life is complex and we do understand that at times we feel like getting over the edge. Being stressed as been part and parcel of life but w should always try to avoid it. Medical reports suggest that stress is a common factor causing many illnesses and making our body weak. So, it is important to try and release it as much as possible.

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