How To Grow Taller Step By Step

How To Grow Taller Step By Step

Height enhancement has become one of the primary concerns among the people with short height. This is so because people of tall stature are always given the first preference in every aspect is it in school, college, personal or professional life. It is also seen that women in a relationship favor tall men. All these dividing factors have raised the demand to hold a good height. Confidence and attitude are also seen as attributes of height. The taller a person is the more confident and optimistic he is. All these elements contribute to the escalating requirement of growing tall.

Do you fall in the category of people looking for ways that can help you achieve height gain? But you do not know what to do and where to start? No need to worry any longer as in this article you will continue to read how you can grow taller step by step. There are a number of steps, which are very influential in the whole process of increasing height. But, remember that you cannot gain height overnight, for this you have to follow the step by step guide regularly. This will ensure that you grow in height over time.

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Here is the Step by Step Guide to Grow Taller:

Step 1

First and foremost, you need to understand that your height is determined by the genetics of your family. It is a polygenic trait subjected to many types of genes. Your parents being short don’t necessarily mean you will also be short in height. It goes with the tall parents too; having two tall parents won’t make you tall. But, if in your family most of the members are short, chances of you being short is much more. There is no need for loss heart though because until you reach full adulthood, you can’t know how tall you will grow.

You can make a prediction of your height based on the height of your parents. You can do so by working on inches or centimeters. To calculate your projected height you need to add up the heights of both your parent. To the total sum add 5 inches if you are a boy and if you are a girl than subtract 5 inches and then divide it by 2. The outcome is your projected height, however, this is not the absolute calculation but is pretty close. Must read how girls can grow their height at 17 too.

Step 2

Shun Growth Stunting Factors

It is difficult to increase height after a certain age limit, but we can do a lot of things to reduce the chance of polygenic trait natural height shortened by environmental influences. Drugs, smoking, alcohol are believed to contribute to underdeveloped growth if you are habituated to these from a very young age. Undernourishment is also one of the key factors that keep you away from reaching your full growth.

Caffeine directly doesn’t stop your growth. Studies show that caffeine has the elements that keep you away from sound sleeping and thus indirectly hampers the smooth body growth and development. People who smoke or the people who are exposed to second-hand smoke are generally shorter than those who smoke. Children of non-smokers have more chances to grow tall than those who smoke.

Do you prefer taking steroids for body enhancement? Then, it is high time for you to stop taking them because they stunt your growth. Anabolic steroids slow down the bone growth in young children and teens. Lower sperm count, reduced breast size, high blood pressure, risk of heart attack is some of the other effects of steroids.

Step 3

Eat Right

Providing your body with all the essential vitamins and minerals will surely help you to maximize your growth. You should eat proper food starting your day with a proper breakfast. Every meal should incorporate food rich in vitamins and minerals. Make sure that your diet includes foods having an abundance of carbohydrate, calcium, vitamin D, protein, zinc etc. You should incorporate in dairy products, green vegetables, fish, alfalfa, mushrooms, meat, eggs, tofu or legumes, oysters, chocolate, peanuts, eggs, peas, asparagus and supplements into your everyday diet. Eat at regular intervals, 3 meals a day is recommended by most nutrition experts.

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Step 4

Getting Ample Sleep

Sound sleep helps the body to recover quickly. Studies suggest that growing teenagers and pre-teens should sleep for 9 to 11 hours every night. This is because, only when your body is at deep rest, it grows and restores tissues. Make your sleeping environment peaceful and calm avoiding unnecessary music or light. Sound sleep is also important to increase the level of human growth hormone because it is naturally produced in the body only during the sleeping hours.

Step 5

Strong Immune system

Sometimes, childhood illnesses slow down the body growth. This can be effectively avoided by routine immunizations. However, you can be on the safe side by taking plenty of vitamin C and giving enough time to your body to rest as soon as you feel tired or sick. Eating citric fruits like oranges, lemons, grapefruits etc will help you to get enough vitamin C. Keeping your immune system strong is also an important factor that helps in height growth. Eating healthy food regularly and avoiding processed foods, low-calorie foods, fattening foods, hydrogenated foods will make your immune system strong. Your diet chart should include a variety of healthy foods. Though eating one particular thing for every mean is not harmful, yet at the same, it doesn’t contribute much to keep your immune system strong.

Step 6

Keep your Body Active

You can keep your body active with various activities like exercising, playing a sport or being involved in activities like dancing, cycling, cooking etc. Stretching exercises have a great impact on the body growth process. Hence, you should include stretching into your daily exercise regimen. Exercising regularly will also help to correct your postures that will further boost height gain. Correct postures will have an impact on spine lengthening that will make you grow taller naturally.

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