How to Grow Taller By Correcting Body Posture

How to Grow Taller By Correcting Body Posture

Attitude and personality are key factors that determine the nature or character of an individual. It is said that a person with good personality includes correct postures. It has always been mentioned that we need to follow correct postures for a healthy and happy lifestyle. Practicing the correct postures while standing, walking, sleeping, sitting across the table, or even relaxing on a chair has their insinuations on one’s personality as well as on health. Here, we can mention a person who walks holding his chin straight and with a chest pushed out like that of a soldier. Such a person always reflects positivity with his relaxed and confident nature. While on the other hand, a person who walks with his head down and a hunched back always appear to be sick and low in self-confidence.

Correct posture has many advantages on the health of a person. It helps you to grow taller than your present height. It boosts your personality and thus enhances your personality. A man’s posture is one of the key factors that determine his height. Though it is one of the most unnoticed aspects of health, yet with some vital proper posture while sitting, walking or sleeping, you will not only improve your postures but also will be able to increase your height in all probability.

We are adapted to doing things in a particular way from our childhood. However, these ‘ways’ of doing things are not always in-sync with the betterment of our body. Most of the time, we sit bending our body too much, walking with our back stooping etc. These postures give back pain, neck pain, body ache making us lethargic and sick. In order to get rid of the pain, we need to keep a keen eye on our postures whether we are at home or out with friends or family. We should keep make sure to make our postures correct whenever, we feel that we are slouching or drooping.

Correcting your postures, you can increase your height. Now, you must be thinking that how to grow taller by correcting body posture. Let me explain how one can increase his height while sitting, standing, walking or sleeping with correct postures. Scientifically, 35 % of your height is accountable to your spine and if you improve or correct your posture that you think is incorrect then it is possible for you to increase you height up to1 to 2 inches than your present height. Most of the time, people do not realize the importance of correct posture for maximizing height potential and thus they exclude themselves of extra height. Many people look one to two inches shorter than their real height because of their bad or improper postures. You need to take improving your postures seriously if you really want to increase your height. You won’t benefit from height increasing exercises if you don’t practice proper posture.

Postures that help grow your Height


Human body wasn’t designed to seat for long hours but the present professional schedule demand for long sitting hours. Sitting on a chair in the wrong posture for long hours will affect our height growth. Hence, it is important to check our sitting postures. While being seated always try to sit on the lower part of buttocks resting your body completely on it. If you are reading a book or working on your computer, then sit with your bone bended a bit forward and keep your legs on the ground. Changing position of your legs on regular intervals will release their pressure.


If your job demands standing for longer time then you should know how to stand properly. Proper posture to stand is to stand firmly on one leg and lightly on the other. You should keep changing the pressure on each leg; doing so will divide the pressure on both the legs and thus keep them relaxed.


Our body revitalizes while we sleep facilitating the spine to align in a healthy position helping us to grow taller. So, it is important to have correct posture while sleeping. Hard bed is said to be good for your spine. It is also advisable not to use a high pillow as it obstructs your breathing and tires out your neck.

Improve Posture Through Exercises

Exercise is the Easiest Way to Correct Posture:

Sitting exercise is one such easy measure. To do this exercise, you need to sit on a chair in an inclined position of around 45 degrees from head to toe. Then stretch yourself with a pillow as a support on the back and the butt. Straighten your hands along the thighs and remain in this position for around 10 minutes. This simple exercise will relax your neck muscles, leg muscles and strengthens the spine as well.

Sitting Exercise:

In another sitting exercise, you need to sit straight on a chair and then raise your legs keeping them perpendicular to your stomach. Then bring your legs towards your stomach so that they press it. You need to remain for three minutes in the position by keeping your foot straight in a horizontal position. Doing this exercise will help you to reduce excess fat from the stomach and also strengthens the lower back and knee.

Swimming is another Incredible Exercise for Many Things:

Most importantly, it will also help lengthen your spine. In swimming, backstroke is considered as the best exercise as it involves stretching your arms forward and kicking your legs backward.

These exercises are helpful in making your postures correct and thus making you grow tall. But you should always perform them under a trained and experienced instructor.

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