How To Grow Taller During Puberty

How To Grow Taller During Puberty

Are you a kind of person who has already browsed through several websites in search of useful information regard how to grow taller during puberty? If yes, than you have spotted the page since the rest of the blog will provide you with necessary information on how one can increase his height during the period of puberty.

However, before knowing how you can grow taller during your puberty you should know what puberty means and how does it help you in your growth. Many teens fail to understand the actual meaning of puberty and thinks that they have already crossed their puberty if they don’t see any significant increase in their height for a long time. Puberty is a stage in our life when our bodies started to develop significantly, height being one of the most important things. One experiences bodily changes during this period. It occurs in a girl between ages 10 and 14 years and for boys between 16 to 17 years.

In this period, everybody grows in height and weight. But, it is unfortunate for some of us because they fail to grow tall like everybody else around him. Still, there is a chance that you can increase your height by boosting your human growth hormone (HGH) during puberty [1]. Many of us are curious to know that is it possible to grow in height quickly during puberty. Yes, we all grow in this period but the question as to how to grow pops up in many people. Everybody wants to know how one can maximize his growth during this period. It is said that during puberty one can have even bigger height boost if you follow a few methods to help boost your growing process.

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A Well-balanced Diet

The very first thing that you need to focus is a diet if you wish to achieve an effective height growth. If you love to eat junk food than you should immediately avoid them if you are willing to increase your height. A well-balanced diet will not only give a boost to your health but will also help you to receive enough nutrients and vitamins required by the body for maximal growth and development [2].

A proper amount of nutrients are required to for your body to grow properly. You should eat foods, which will help to increase the HGH release in your body. You should take a diet that increases your HGH level as well as strengthens your bones and muscles. A well-balanced diet should contain

  • Vitamin C: Fruits and berries are a great source of vitamin C. This will help you to have strong bones and helps to keep protein cells together [3].
  • Calcium: It makes bones and teeth strong. Calcium is highly found in milk, fish, green vegetables, dairy products etc [4].
  • Iron: You should eat liver, red meat, egg yolk to get maximum iron, as this will help your body to grow properly [5].
  • Protein: This is another source that helps your body in quick repair and growth process [6].


You can increase your HGH level through proper forms of exercise. Performing exercises under trained instructor will help you to grow tall during puberty and even later years of your life. Cycling is one of the exercises that you should opt for, as this will help in lengthening your legs. If you want to increase your height through cycling than you should make sure to increase the height of the cycle seat. Doing so will demand you to stretch your legs for the pedals. However, remember that while riding your cycle you do not slouch your back ruining your posture. To avoid this you need to increase the height of the handlebar of the cycle. This will further help you to grow taller fast [7].

There are a number of stretching exercises that you can do to maximize your height potential. Stretches including cobra, the simple standing twist movement, yoga stretches, spine stretching are helpful exercises that will boost your height growth. Apart from these, swimming, sprinting, basketball, jump rope are also helpful in increasing your HGH level, which will further make your body, grow tall [8].

Proper Sleep and Rest

Our body needs rest to rejuvenate itself. Taking proper rest during puberty will help your body to recover and repair quickly. For this, you need to have a good night sleep, as this will further boost the human growth hormone in your body. Sleeping posture is also important to take care of if you are determined to grow taller during puberty. It is advisable to sleep on a flat surface on your back. Not using a pillow is preferable, as this will allow relieving the pressure from your spine [9].


In the recent past, it has been seen urbanization has left a constructive effect on the growth and development of a child. Today, a child is taken care off in a better manner. Adequate food supply, suitable health and sanitation services, and a higher level of education are some of the basic needs and availability of these has a positive impact on the growth of a child. It has been witnessed that over a period, these factors have helped in inducing a taller stature and a more rapid maturity across the globe. It is a tremendous experience referred to as ‘the secular trend’ in growth [10].

Increasing Growth Hormones and Other Hormones

The level of gonadotropins, leptin, sex-steroids, and growth hormone determines the body growth and development. These also regulate the changes in body composition. There are hormones which are responsible for the body growth and among them P re-pubertally, growth hormone (G.H) and thyroid hormone are to be named as essential hormones for growth. Growth hormone encourages the synthesis of protein and helps to break down the formation of fat and carbohydrate in our body. It also helps in the creation of cartilage cells at the epiphyseal plate and thus allows linear growth. Thyroid hormone helps the central nervous system in our body to grow and develop smoothly. It also helps growth hormone in promoting cartilage and bone formation[1] [11].

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