Anil Thadani and Raveena Tandon Love Marriage and Anil Thadani Divorce

Anil Thadani and Raveena Tandon Love Marriage and Anil Thadani Divorce

Raveena Tandon was one of the finest 90’s actresses who made her debut with the movie Patthar Ke Phool in 1991. She had a certain aura that could charm the audience of the decade. With essentially sublime looks, clubbed with sensual images, she was the center of attraction for many Bollywood actors. At one point in time, all wanted to date her and become her close aide. This article deals with her love life and how she met her husband.

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Raveena’s Career and Evolving Love Story

Her first movie was a great success and within a very short period of time, she rose to fame in Bollywood. Following this, her next film was with Bollywood star Akshay Kumar, and as a fresh face, she was preferred by the directors at that time. Mohra was the movie that got Akshay and Raveena closer to each other. The chemistry was sizzling and they took the audience to a different world together.

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After some time, news about both of them dating started making headlines. The rumor went to great heights to even say that both were ready to tie the knot. On the other hand, Akshay Kumar is an old classic Casanova, although he was paired with Raveena, he was seen flirting and being overly friendly with other co actresses.

This came as a shock to Raveena but not others, as they knew about Akshay’s nature. However, the brave actress took everything in a positive way and went ahead with her career. With passing time and movies, Akshay’s behavior was becoming intolerable and she decided to break the relationship. There she was! Coming out of a toxic relationship to build a personality of her own.

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Raveena’s second Love Take

After she came out of Akshay Kumar’s tangles, she tried to maintain a low profile and lived away from Glitz and glamour. Later, she was seen adopting two daughters. By 2013, she made a career move and entered the world of producing movies. Her first produced movie was called ‘ Stumped’. During the making of this movie, raven met Anil Thadani, who was famous in the film fraternity. For the business dealings, Anil and Raveena met quite a few times, and love blossomed in her life all over again.

Although Anil was a married man, with his wife Natasha Sippy, his marriage was going through turmoil. With two sons Anil Thadani’s ex-wife did not have a happy family and eventually divorced. The entry of Raveena in the life of Anil Thadani could not have happened at the right time. They went through a courtship for 6 months and both celebrated love with an engagement ceremony in November 2003. The event was kept low key, keeping in mind the sensitive affairs they had before.

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Anil Thadani and Raveena Tandon marriage

Rumours say that Raveena had a long cherished dream to get married as a princess. To be true, Anil was the right prince charming who fulfilled all her wishes in the true sense. The marriage venue was itself an example of hoe lavish he wanted the wedding to take place. Raveena and Anil got married at the Jag mandir Palace which is located at the centre of the Pichola lake in Udaipur. The same place has been a venue for all the high profile celebrity weddings earlier.

In 2004, both of them had a luxurious wedding and Raveen was made to sit in a 100 year old palanquin (doli). The same palanquin carried the princess of Mewar. Her wedding attire was also a custom made one. It was her mother’s lehenga which was tailored by the Delhi designer Manav Gangwani.

Anil and Raveena’s Present Lives and Perspectives

With Raveen already having two adopted kids, she was blessed with a beautiful daughter in 2005 and a boy in 2007. So, she has a family of 6 and she is quite happy.. She has not joined films lately but wishes to make a comeback. Until then, she is happy being a homemaker and a doting mother to 4 of her children. She has always maintained a simple life and tried to avoid public attention as much as she can. Raveena Tandon husband, continues to be a star mark in the film industry and both are having a subtle life.

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