Tiger Woods’ LASIK surgery – Who Did and Cost Involved in It?

Tiger Woods’ LASIK surgery – Who Did and Cost Involved in It?

Nowadays, developing vision problems is very common and it can happen to anyone at any age. But, sometimes it may be quite disastrous for few people since some careers require good vision especially the Armed forces, acting, sports etc. So, for people who want to make career in such fields, LASIK eye surgery is nothing less than a blessing!!

What exactly is LASIK eye surgery?

LASIK Surgery is a surgical procedure which uses a cool laser beam to reshape the cornea to correct the vision error. It involves reshaping of cornea by removing microscopic amount of tissue from the corneal section of the eye according to the refractive error the person has developed.

What are the advantages of LASIK eye surgery?

Among the several benefits you get from LASIK eye surgery, the following stands out as the topmost ones:

· You will get a permanent 40/40 perfect vision after the surgery.

· You won’t ever need to wear the visual aids.

· It takes less than 30 minutes to perform.

· 96% of the surgeries worldwide have been accurate

Since LASIK surgery gives so many advantages, even the celebrities and well-known personalities go for this surgery to get their perfect vision back.

There are a number of professional golfers who have been through this surgery to get a perfect and we all know how important good vision is to the golfers. On the growing list of professional golfers who had LASIK eye surgery, one name that surprises us the most is“TIGER WOODS”, yes, the legendary American Golfer.

Tiger Woods’ Lasik eye surgery:

Tiger Woods has been one of the highest paid golfers in the world and has an unbelievable career where he has a good record of number of wins and prizes. He has won over 105 tournaments, among which 79 are PGA tours. He has also won four Masters Tournaments, Four PGA Championships, three U.S Open Championships and three British Open Championships.

However, these all would have not happened if he had not undergone LASIK eye surgery under the experienced hands of Dr Whitten in the year 1999.

About Doctor Mark Whitten, Tiger Woods’ Lasik Surgeon:

Dr Mark Whitten is one of the phenomenal names in the world of LASIK surgeons in America. He is a board certified ophthalmologist and Medical Director of Whitten Laser Eye. He has an experience of more than 30 years and has practiced in Washington, DC and Richmond. This helped him in growing his national reputation for his outstanding work in eye-treatment and eye-care. He has a record of performing more than 150,000 LASIK surgeries and giving better sights to a number of patients. Among his 150,000 LASIK surgeries some were even celebrities, sports person and Politician.

Tiger Wood’s LASIK experience under Dr Mark Whitten:

Prior to Tiger Wood’s LASIK eye surgery, he couldn’t even see the other side of the room properly. However, he didn’t make the decision of having Laser eye surgery lightly. Like many other people, he was also stuck with the dilemma whether the surgery was safe enough to improve his vision. To find the answers to his confusion, he decided to seek guidance from Dr Mark Whitten.

As a professional golfer, he didn’t wish to take any risk with his eye-sight. His career depended on his ability to see long distance and make precise aim. However, after going through the surgery, his doubts and fears were all gone. He got fantastic vision. From 20-40(legally blind), his vision changed to 20-15 under the experienced hands of Dr Whitten.

Dr Mark Whitten’s opinion about LASIK eye surgery:

LASIK eye surgery is one of the best effective refractive error correction eye surgeries which have been conducted on 35 million people worldwide. It is not only for the professionals, anyone who is having problem with his or her poor vision can benefit from the LASIK eye treatment. By improving your vision, you will improve your career and your lifestyle. Dr Mark Whitten understands how critically important eyes are to a person no matter what they do. So, he takes immense care in every surgery he performs and treats everybody like Tiger Woods and treats Tiger like everyone else.

Tiger Wood’s advice to people who want LASIK eye surgery:

LASIK eye surgery is a boon to anyone who has a very poor vision. However, if it’s poorly done, the outcome may be disastrous for the person. Although the chances of serious complications after LASIK is rare, but there are few cases where the patient hasn’t got a satisfactory vision. Therefore, Tiger Woods advises people to do some research and homework about the LASIK surgeons and about the devices they use before the surgery. Since it’s the matter of your eyes, you cannot take it lightly!

Cost of LASIK eye surgery at ‘Whitten Laser Eyes’:

Whitten Laser Eyes provide free LASIK consultation where they would tell about the right procedure for your eyes and its cost. It provides special financing for refractive error correction procedures, such as LASIK Laser Vision Correction. The average cost of LASIK eye surgery is $2,118 per eye.

Summary: Tiger Woods, one of the legendary and highly paid professional golfers of the world is a patient of LASIK eye surgery. He got his LASIK treatment under the practised hands of Dr Mark Witten in the year 1999. He claims it is only because of the LASIK eye surgery he is where he is now. He has advised people to not be afraid of the surgery and to do research about the LASIK surgeons and centres before the surgery. If you get a perfect LASIK eye surgery without any complications, you will be relieved of all the vision problems you had earlier. So, start your research work and choose only the best surgeon for yourself.

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