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5 Benefits of Herbs And Spices

Cooked food, as we know, wouldn't be as tasty without the addition of herbs and spices. These potent plant extracts are sources of flavors, colors, and aromas. Herbs and spices have also made a reputation for their purported medicinal properties. Herbs are plant leaves with savory properties used for flavoring...
PPE Supplies

Understanding PPE Supplies During COVID-19

Since COVID-19 began, you have probably heard the term "personal protective equipment" or “PPE” more times than you can count, especially in regards to health care workers not always being able to find the PPE that they require, like gloves, medical masks, respirators, gowns, boots, eye protection, and aprons. As...
Microbiome Test

3 Reasons to Explore Your Gut Health With a Microbiome Test

For the past few years, microbiome testing has garnered quite a bit of traction in the scientific and medical communities. Thanks to the ever-progressive genetic research, scientists have also discovered that the environment inside one’s gastrointestinal tract is also what makes each person unique, besides their genetic makeup. This...
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Is It Really Possible to Overcome a Phobia? Here’s What You Need To Know

It’s estimated that 9.1% of Americans have a specific phobia, with many having more than one. Whether it’s a fear of spiders, heights, or crowded spaces, many people may go throughout life enduring their phobia and the anxiety that accompanies it — with some even going as far as to go out...
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Health Benefits of Regular Exercise for Men

Most middle-aged men, who are married, have kids, and have a regular job, don’t find the time to go and workout at the gym. But this article will show you the benefits of working out and will try to motivate you to go to the gym and become determined...

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Hina Khan Shares her Diet and Fitness Secrets

Hina Khan is riding high on both professional and personal success. The lady is currently ruling TV as she has been ruling since last...

Diet and Workout Plan of Kangana Ranaut

Have you ever tried to compare Kangana’s present and 10 years back pictures? If yes, then will you be able to spot out any...

Oprah Winfrey Talks about her Pre Diabetic weight loss

Oprah Winfrey is one of the highly motivated celebs who is known to inspire others like anything. The actress has been quite open about...

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