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Social Media that offers prescription discounts

Things To Consider When Using Discount Cards For Your Prescription Drugs

The prescription drug prices today are undeniably expensive whether or not you have health insurance. It's no wonder why everyone is always going after resources to save even a little amount of money on their medications. Whether it's a letter in the mail or an ad on social media...
Find the Right Psychiatrist

How to Find the Right Psychiatrist Without Breaking The Bank?

The year 2020 has gifted us many downfalls rather than how interesting it sounds to say, "Twenty-Twenty!" Just like many say, making it until the end of this not-so-great-year is itself an achievement. The countrywide lockdown due to the pandemic has disturbed people's mindsets, and dealing with all of these...
Biological Psychiatry

Biological Psychiatry – How is it Evolving?

Biological psychiatry deals closely with the biology of the brain. Today, everyone would qualify as a biological psychiatrist, as only very few would refuse a connection. There are stronger questionable claims like the ontological claim that psychiatric disorders are disorders of the brain or, on the therapeutic level, biological...
Psychiatry – The Science of Mental Health and The Brain

Psychiatry – The Science of Mental Health and The Brain

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), mental illness is experienced by one out of every two people. Yet, people aren't aware of the science of mental health and the brain. Living with a mental illness is a matter of an individual's ability or decision to...
The 10 Principles of Integrative Psychiatry

The 10 Principles of Integrative Psychiatry

What is Integrative Psychiatry? Integrative psychiatry uses both conventional and complementary treatments in the therapy of psychiatric disorders. There are personalized treatments offered by BetterHelp that are developed to accommodate each person’s lifestyle, encourage self-awareness, and offer support. Some of the treatments included are as follows: Functional and nutritional assessments of...

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Esha Deol is the Proud Mommy of a Girl child

Esha Deol and Bharat Takhtani are the proud parents of a girl child yet again. Yes, Esha’s firstborn is also a very cute girl...

Top Hollywood Actresses without Makeup Photos

In the world of the glamour industry, you might have seen some of the top celebrities looking all-time gorgeous and ever young looking. Well,...

Is Sonam Kapoor Pregnant With her first child?

Well, it’s close to one year, with many other famous celebrities list of a wedding in 2018. Glamorous fashion icon of Bollywood Sonam married...

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