Some of the best kept celeb secrets for weight loss

Some of the best kept celeb secrets for weight loss

Have you ever wondered how celebs are able to lose weight super quickly whereas we struggle to do the same? Celebs have to maintain a public image and of course they need to change their look and role with each movie. So, it is quite obvious that they might require to lose weight and then gain it again within a very short period of time.

So, here I have some secrets which are shared by the top celeb dieticians and doctors all over the world. This is some of the major and golden rules which will help you to understand what changes should you make in your lifestyle –

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1.Salad at every meal –

You will notice most of the celebs just like Nicole Snooki Polizzi includes salads at every meal. She maintained that with salads only she was able to lose her postpartum weight. She increased her intake of veggies and reduced her carb intake like anything.

2. Bite Bite Bite –

Biting is extremely important when you are thinking of . Biting reduces the size of the food helps in much better digestion. Biting regularly also improves your metabolism as well.

3. Order Appetizers instead of starters and main –

Celebs who are mostly eating outdoors, this is a golden rule to follow. Go on to order more and more appetizers instead of starters and main food. This is the advice of Jennifer Lawrence who followed this rule to get the beautifully toned body that she has.

4. Plan well in Advance –

This is something which I also personally believe. If you eat at a time and especially snack at the correct time then there is no fear of overeating. Mostly when you are too hungry then only you want to consume your cravings and you don’t have the heart at that time to stop. So, the best part is to plan your meals well in advance rather than the last moment binge eating.

5. Include Protein –

Protein is something which will help to burn down the fat in your body. So, try to include more and more protein in your diet. And the fact is that when you are consuming protein then make sure that you are working extra hard to get it absorbed. Because the protein which is not absorbed by your body directly goes to the kidney and damages it.

6. No late night and early morning binges –

Jennifer Hudson shared that just by avoid eating at night and during the early morning, you could lose a good amount of weight. This is one of the major lifestyle changes that she made after reducing her weight with the help of weight watchers.

7. Professional Help –

There is no harm in getting a professional helper for weight loss and diet plans. This will actually help you in planning the weight loss much better and would also reduce a good amount of weight as well.

8. Apple Cider Vinegar –

Days just when after a party you are feeling too bloated and heavy. The solution is not to skip meals but rather get yourself detoxified. Have a glass of warm water with a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar. This will help you to detoxify yourself.

9. Dairy Products –

Dairy products help immensely in weight loss. They also help to release toxins and thus detoxify your body. Even well-known celeb Khloe Kardashian also said that she lost 11 pounds in one and a half month by doing nothing other than just consuming dairy products.

10. 75:25 ratio –

if you want to do binge eating at some point in time. Then do it wisely. Make sure that at least 75% of your food is healthy and nutritious rest 25% can be binge eating.

11. Detox Tea –

Prepare your own recipe of detox tea. And have it the first thing in the morning. This will help in detoxification and also reduce the excess of fat which you have in your body. Melissa McCarthy is said to have 12 cups of detox tea in a day.

Above given are some of the best-kept celeb secrets which you can try in your daily life. All of them are super easy and can fit into anyone’s daily routine.

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