How to Become Tall And Slim in Few Days

How to Become Tall And Slim in Few Days

How to burn fat faster? How to grow taller by a few inches? Such questions might be doing rounds in your head all day. You might think that in order to become slim, you need to do millions of crunches every day and sweat like anything.

Then you must wonder that to get good height, you need to pop those pills to become tall and slim fast. How many of you have thought that you might lose those pizzas and burger opportunities to shed off that extra flab? How many of you must have thought that you need to pop those bitter pills to become tall and slim in one month?

No Need of doing anything like that. No more popping of those pills to become tall and slim fast. No more saying good bye to your favorite food, and no more zillions of crunches or push-ups or treadmills you need to run.

Following these simple yet smart moves, you can burn your fat faster. Though you will not become tall and slim in one day, you can achieve the desired weight without having to do those ridiculous exercises or food sacrificing.

But you need to be very committed to getting into shape though. So you should preserve your fitness goals in order to become tall and slim in one month.

Ways to become slim:

Lose Weight in One Week

  • Do not go on a diet – never go on a diet or skip meals. Instead, you should eat less of that bad and oily stuff which will put on that extra flab on your body. Eat more nutritious food like a green leafy vegetable, fruits, juices etc [1].
  • Sleep at least for 7 hours at night – studies and researches have shown that a good night sleep burns those extra calories in your body that you get through eating the entire day [2].
  • Eat small meals at small intervals – never eat a plate full of food at a single time. Always take small meals at intervals. This will help the metabolism of your body to function properly thus burning extra fat [3].
  • Do short workouts – short workouts with high intensity help your body to burn fat faster than a simple treadmill [4].
  • Avoid alcohol and greasy food – Greasy food will do no good for your body but just it will increase bad cholesterol in your body [5] [6].

Do read interview of Akash Agarwal – (see in above pic) – how did he transform himself? Please do remember if you follow the above methods, you will see a difference within 7 days.

Ways to become tall:

become taller in one week

  • Do some stretching exercises – We are not aware of the fact that when we perform any stretch, our spine tends to stretch, thus helps in increasing the height [7].
  • Never slouch while sitting or sleeping – All of us have a habit of slouching back while we are relaxing or sitting idle. We do not understand the fact that the more we slouch, our spinal cord will bend and de shape. We do not realize that while slouching we are decreasing our own height.
  • Hanging is the most effective of all exercises to increase height – You simply need to hang from a bar which will, in turn, help you to lengthen and straighten your spine, thus becoming taller in weeks [7].
  • Perform cobra stretch – Cobra stretch is all about stretching out your spine and elongating the body. This will also help in burning calories in your body. Thus becoming tall by exercise and slim by exercises is the easiest way [8].

Follow these simple yet smart techniques to become tall and slim. You will definitely see the difference in one week. If you follow the tips.

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