How To Lose Weight Faster

How To Lose Weight Faster

There are several ways to lose weight faster. There is one important thing about it. Any diet works better when combined with physical activity. Starving isn’t healthy and can bring you more problems than success. And even a mild diet in combination with activity can do miracles. But don’t lose your head in the desire of a quick weight loss, because it will not last long. It is more effective to take small, but firm steps to your dream.

Move more!

Only exercising increase metabolism naturally. The calories burn speeds up for the time of training and about an hour after that. One of the myths about the increase of the metabolic processes is that it is still working after your finished physical activity. Pity, but it is very doubtful.

Combine watching TV with physical activity! Dance, do exercises, skip, run in place – no matter what, just to increase your heart rate. Just count how many calories you can burn while your favorite TV show! And what about a whole movie?

Walk more. Increase the time you are walking each day step by step.

Swim! Have you ever seen a fat mermaid (not asking if you’ve ever seen any one indeed)? Swimming is one of the activities that get the heart rate up and is very good for health!

Eat Natural Food

Cook your own food. This way you can control in quality, freshness and number of calories. Eat no fried dishes, more protein, like seafood and beans, more dairy Grains, cereals, and fibers, especially whole grains, keep you from feeling hungry longer.Eat fruits instead of drinking the juice.

Keep yourself motivated

Make a photo report of your results every day. Very soon you’ll be pleased to see the changes, comparing two photos, from the beginning and the end of the month.

Get nice bright equipment and lay it down at the place where it will be noticeable. It will draw your attention and inspire you to do exercises.

Each week take sand (or something else) that weights as much as you have lost and put it in a bag, store it. You will look at the bag, think of all this extra weight you used to carry around and be motivated not to gain pounds anymore.

Hang out with slim fit people, who eat less and move more. You’ll fast get used to such lifestyle.

Buy beautiful clothes of the size, that you want to reach. Just imagine yourself wearing that dress or a shirt to the party!

Promise yourself something really important for the result you are aimed too. For example, a journey you always wanted, or a fabulous gig.

Think of ordering a professional photo session in a few months and promise yourself to be physically ready for it.

Have fun!

Try to find places where you can do jogging or training in the open air. Maybe, some park or the seashore. Nature is a great source of energy and positive mood charge, necessary for success. Turn on your favorite up-tempo music. You will feel cheerful and bouncy, you won’t get bored by repeating the and the training will be more easy and effective.

Find a companion!

Don’t be shy! Try to find someone among your friends and neighbors, search for them in social media sports communities. You will cheer up one another, share experience and useful information, and help each other not to be lazy and not to skip work-outs!

Avoid stress! It makes you eat more and may cause the apathy.

Use technology!

Take a pedometer! The research proves that it not only good to keep tracking your activity, but it also motivates. People who use pedometer make considerably more steps each day, and are more likely to choose walking instead of driving where it is possible.

Use . There are apps that provide step-by-step fitness audio and video instructions, networking apps that also help you to find companions, personal-coach-apps, and calorie counters.

Utilize Kinect not only for fitness and dancing games. It will help you improve your physical state and at the same time, have fun with friends and family!

As you need more than an hour every day to apply metabolism boosters and lose the weight, you might run short of time. You may need help with . It is no problem. Remember, it is really important to feel good and to lead a balanced healthy life!

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