How to Look Younger- Stop Doing These 13 Things to Always Get Skin Like 16

How to Look Younger- Stop Doing These 13 Things to Always Get Skin Like 16

Our skin is the projector of our health which reflects the internal well being on the face in form of a glowing and flawless skin to look younger. But it is very difficult to get an even toned and flawless skin due to the scorching sun, pollution, dust and moreover from the effect of chemical based beauty products. All these factors robs the youthfulness and tenderness of your skin and make you look aged even in a younger age.

Here we have pointed out the 13 things which you must stop practicing to get a soft and supple skin just like in your sixteen!

  1. Watch your plate

As we mentioned above, your skin mirrors our internal body environment which is greatly affected by unhealthy food. For example, if you will eat oily and greasy food such as junk food then it will cause pimples and face bumps on your face. Similarly, if you will eat more nutrients then it will increase the glow on your face. Now, it is you to decide what do you want, an unhealthy skin or a radiant one.

  1. Skin lightening

Bleaching is widely used the lighten the skin tone instantly to get rid of blemishes and darkened skin but you must be careful about the bleaching product. Don’t let anybody experiment with your skin, go for a quality product or use the natural ingredient available at your home to get a lightened skin with a safer approach.

  1. Be gentle with your skin

Skin is a very sensitive organ and rubbing it with wet wipes or dry towel can cause rashes, minor bruising or provoke skin pores. Therefore, you should be very gentle every time you wipe your face after workout or in general. You should keep a soft towel with you for the clean and wipe your face gently.

  1. Sun protection

Using sunscreen in a proper way is very important to protect your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays. The best way to use a sunscreen is to apply it half an hour before stepping out in sun and then reapply it on every two hours as the effectiveness of the sunscreen reduces with time. It should also be used on cloudy days and during winters because the sunrays can harm your skin even in these days. Try to use a product which can provide you sun protection against both type of UV rays and it should have minimum SPF 30 for better protection.

  1. Get vitamin D

Skin is the natural synthesizer of vitamin D but it does not mean that you should expose yourself to the harmful rays of the sun. Become an early bird by getting up early and get some morning sun which will work in your favor rather than harming you.

  1. Make comfort your fashion

Don’t wear just any kind of fabric for the sake of being fashionable. You should know that not every fabric is suitable for everyone. Therefore, you should wear those fabric in which your skin can breathe properly otherwise you will produce more sweat, have skin rashes, itchy skin and in worse cases increased body moisture can increase bacterial and fungal growth.

  1. Avoid free testing

Your face is precious to you so don’t offer it to test any cosmetics just for the sake of a free trail because you never know how the chemicals of that product will affect your skin. Less experiment with your skin will protect the integrity of your skin.

  1. Take off the makeup at night

It is good to enhance your looks with the loads of chemical beauty products but the more time it will remain on your skin, the more damage it will cause to it. Therefore, let your skin breathe freely by removing the makeup with a good quality makeup remover.

  1. Use best makeup remover

When you don’t compromise on getting the best quality makeup kit for you then why compromising on makeup remover. You should use the best eye and face makeup remover which can easily remove all makeup without leaving any residue buildup on your face which generally happens in case of poor quality removers.

  1. Avoid sun after using scrub or face pack

Application of scrub or face back exfoliate your skin and make it more tender and sensitive therefore you must avoid stepping out in sun immediately because the harmful rays can directly hit your vulnerable skin. In addition, you should also apply some cream or lotion after using scrub or pack to moisturize the skin.

  1. Avoid last minute rush

If you are a bride to be then you must start your skin care a month before you D-day because any last minute decisions like trying a new beauty product or spa treatment can also go wrong and you can end up with a red face.

  1. Choose a hair removal product carefully

Whether you prefer a razor or hair removing wax or cream, you must choose the product which is compatible to your skin. If you are using a razor then make sure to apply shaving gel or cream beforehand and shave the hair in direction of its growth and not in opposite. Apply moisturizer on the shaved region after shaving. In case of hair removing cream, choose the one which suits your skin type and use moisturizer after cleaning the skin.

  1. Say no to smoking

Smoking is not good in any condition because it deteriorate your health with its every use. It not just affect your internal organs but it cause early aging, wrinkles, puffy eyes, skin dryness, dark circles, darkening of lips and even skin cancer.

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