Natural Skin Care Advice for Females by Expert

Natural Skin Care Advice for Females by Expert

When was the last time you treated your hair with freshly prepared juices of fruits, flowers, leaves and herbs?

Have you ever fed your skin with saffron, wheat germ, aloe, dry fruits, fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs?

Have you treated your hands and feet with pastes of lentils, saffron, almonds and with freshly-ground coconut and dry fruit juices?

If you have not tried these natural therapies then give it a try to know the magic of natural products in their raw form. Naturopath Nirmala Shetty who has studied naturopathy and alternative medicine, and graduated in herbal and conventional, aromatherapy and cosmetology beauty courses is treating people with her natural healing concept based on being natural and pure.

According to her “Nature is your true beautician, and natural plant extracts can be used in their purest form to serve as effective beauty aids like scrubs, astringents, cleansers, conditioners, shampoos and more.”

She advises those people who want instant relief from skin problems that they should turn to natural and herbal products. She says “Have faith, give it time, if done continuously it will work wonders for you. The only constraint is time and continuity. An apple a day won’t work, you know.

So, if you are a school going teenager. college student, working women or a bride to be, you should take care of your skin in a natural way to treat skin problems. Here is the secret skin clean up secret of her which you can use to get a flawless skin:

Clean up regime

clean face

A clean and clear skin can only become the perfect canvas for the best makeup and therefore a cleanup regime is a must if you want to flaunt your makeup at your wedding or just in your daily life. If you are a bride to be then you should start the clean up regime much earlier before the D-day. For rough skin, it need to be softened though brushing. Soles, elbows and nose areas requires attention just like the other parts of the body. If you have an oily T-zone then you should scrub it twice a week and if you have a normal one, go for scrubbing once a week. use a loofah to scrub as it helps in proper blood circulation, lymphatic drainage and moderates water preservation.

Facial skin care

Facial skin care

This is very important as facial skin is the first thing which get noticed in first glance. chemicals in the cosmetics can damage the skin and cause breakouts or other skin problems so if you are trying any new beauty product then check it first on your elbow region. here are some natural ingredients which you can use for various facial skin care purpose:

  • You can use plain olive or coconut oil to remove the mascara even the waterproof one but if you have oily skin then Liquid Castille soap in water to remove the mascara without adding any oil to your skin or removing the natural oil from it.
  • Coconut oil can be used for moisturizing the face as it is a rich source of collagen supporting lauric acid and is easily get into the skin. It’s anti bacterial properties makes it a great option for oily and acne prone skin.
  • If you need some extra exfoliation then sugar/oil scrub is the best option for most of the skin types
  • Baking soda can be used for exfoliating heavy oily skin and it also removes blackheads and dirt.

Natural exfoliation recipes

natural exfoliation recipes

Naturopath Nirmala Shetty advises these following recipes to different types of skin to rejuvenate your skin

  • An exfoliator should be mild in case of sensitive skin. Mix tomato, cucumber and rice flour into a paste and apply it on your sensitive skin to peel off the dead skin layer.
  • For soft skin, mix grated apple in milk and honey to use it as a homemade scrub.
  • For mature skin type, Make a mixture of half cup of powdered moong, oats and almonds with milk and honey. Apply this scrub over your body and massage it tenderly to remove the dead skin cells.
  • A paste of red masoor dal, almonds, rice and buttermilk also works wonders for the mature skin types.

The exfoliation process differs with age means the new skin cells regenerate quickly in young age while it takes more time if you are above 30. So, choose the right type of exfoliate for your skin and get a new, clear and healthy skin!!

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