Gain Weight Before Your Wedding, If You are Skinny

Gain Weight Before Your Wedding, If You are Skinny

Some girls want to lose weight and some wants to gain weight but the basic goal is to make their body look healthy and proportionate. Gaining weight before the wedding is a top priority in the list of skinny brides to be. Being thin is good but skinny is extreme condition. You won’t want to look like a hanger for your dress on your wedding day. Aren’t you?

So what have you thought? Eating lots of fats won’t fill your curves at the right places but eating right and healthy can bring the changes in your body. So, here are some important points about weight gain which you should keep in mind to achieve your objective.

Follow a diet regime

You must be following a beauty regime regularly to look stunning on your wedding day but if you also want to look healthy and radiant then you have to work on your body from inside means you have to follow a diet schedule. You should take the following steps in order to prepare a schedule for yourself

  • You should note down your weight and take measurements of the parts where you want to focus more like waist, bust and rear area.
  • You should increase your diet intake by 400 – 1000 calories to achieve your goals in a set time period.
  • You can take help of a nutritionist to prepare a diet chart and plan a diet schedule for you
  • Note down your measurements, daily progress, difficulties etc. in an online journal or in diary so that you can keep a track on your activities.

Balanced diet

After getting our diet schedule, you need to include food items in your plate accordingly. Make sure that it includes:

  • High calorie food like whole grains, nuts and oats which are proven weight gainers.
  • In addition, it should also include high Protein, moderate fats and high Fiber food sources.
  • Take calorie dense fruits like Banana, nuts, dried fruits such as dates, etc.
  • Avoid trans fats and include unsaturated fats such as canola and olive oil, seeds, nuts, avocados, peanut butter etc.
  • Drink shakes, juice, milk, etc. instead of coffee, diet sodas, and tea. Try to avoid alcoholic beverages as they are low in nutrition though being high in calorie.

Eat frequently

It doesn’t mean that you should keep on munching every time. It means that you must eat strategically in order to gain weight. You should add 3 – 4 snacks to your three meals (breakfast, lunch and Dinner) at the interval of 2-3 hours. Keep these points in mind while breaking your meals into 5-6 meals per day.

  • Keep nutritious snacks like pistachios, fruit and nut mixer, roasted channa, whole wheat / grain bread with butter etc. ready with you so that you don’t skip your snacks on the right time
  • You can also keep a plate of fruits or salad ready in the refrigerator before you eat it in case you are not interested in making one at the snack time
  • Follow the diet chart strictly while taking the main meals of the day
  • Don’t skip any meal as it can ruin your efforts and put your body under stress

Keep yourself hydrated

In order to get a healthy and radiant skin, you must keep it hydrated. You should drink water but to a restrained level. Your metabolic rate is already high so drink water ONLY when you are thirsty. Take fluids which are supplemented with calories like milk or fruit juice without any additives. It will help you in three ways by

  • keeping you hydrated
  • fulfill the calorie requirement
  • Won’t affect your appetite means you can take your meals on time

Weight training

You should avoid weight loss exercises such as aerobic exercises, running, or stationary bicycling and engage yourself in muscle building exercises like weight training. Light to medium weight training will build your muscles, strengthen them and induces weight gain. Before starting weight training, you must keep these things in mind

  • Join a gym or do the exercises under expert guidance. You don’t want to injure yourself before your wedding, right??
  • Try to train each body part once a week
  • Doing excessive workout can put you in catabolic state means your lean tissue will start breaking down not build up so don’t overdo the workout.
  • Pairs exercises of a large muscle group (chest, back, shoulders, quads/hams) with one or two smaller muscle groups (triceps, biceps, traps, calves, abs) in each workout.
  • Give proper rest to your body after the exercise and keep yourself hydrated throughout the workout session.

Take proper rest

Only eating and no resting won’t lead you anywhere. You have to give your body some time to absorb the essence of your healthy regime and reflect it outside in form of healthy and glowing skin. To get a sound sleep:

  • Don’t take meal after 8 ‘o’ clock
  • Go on a night walk or read a book
  • Avoid tea or coffee at night as it can keep you awake
  • Stay away from your gadgets like smart phone, laptop, tablet, computer or television as the light generating from their screens can interfere in the functioning of sleep inducing hormone, Melatonin.
  • You can listen soft or instrumental music

With the help of a healthy diet and exercise regime, you will definitely achieve your weight gain objective and look curvy on your D-day. So try to start your efforts as early as you can before the wedding date to get the results on the right time.

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