Lasik Surgery Tips for Care Free Life

Lasik Surgery Tips for Care Free Life

Lasik can no doubt give you a clear vision but the positive outcome of this vision correction surgery is assured by an experienced surgeon and your alertness towards your eye health. If you are thinking that by taking your prescribed medicine on time, your part of eye care is done then you are mistaking. Here are some tips which will retain your perfect vision for longer time without any complications.

Buy a pair of high quality sunglasses

After surgery, you have to protect your eyes from UV rays of sunlight and therefore you must buy a pair of polarized sunglasses with UV protection. It should be of high quality and for options; you can ask your optometrist or search online. Avoid buying any sunglasses with polarized sticker labelled to it as your eyes need complete protection from UV A and UV B rays along with glare protection.

If you will not protect your eyes from sunlight then UV radiation will not just damage your eyelid but it will also damage your eye lens and cornea. So don’t wait for the damage to learn your lesson as you did in case of sunburn and order your pair of sunglasses now.

Use preservative free eye drops

Every patient experience dry eyes after the surgery because some of the nerves which are responsible for tear production got damaged during the flap creation. It takes some time for them to regenerate and function normally. Therefore, your doctor prescribes tear drops to use it throughout the day to avoid dryness in eyes. Some people are allergic to preservatives used in the eye drops therefore preservative free eyes drops are the safest option to tackle the eye dryness.

You can find a quality brand of preservative free eye drop or ask your doctor to prescribe one for you. Use it generously throughout the day and during your outdoor activities. Don’t wait for your eyes to get dried to use your drops as dryness can enhance the risk of rubbing or scratching of eyes which can cause flap displacement or dislocation. If you are very outgoing person or have an active lifestyle then always keep your eye drops with you so that you can use it anytime. You can easily find these preservative free eye drops in the eye care section of the departmental store.

Some people use single-use vials but it is very difficult to pull out all the drops from the little strips and you will also find these strips everywhere in the house after you use them. On the other hand, preservative free eye drops come in a bottle which has built in purifying filter to keep the bacteria at bay and therefore there is no need of preservative. This multi dose bottle is convenient and easy to use. It is a value for money product as you can get 220 drops in less than the price of pack of 60 single use vials.

Take vitamin C and omega 3s supplements

You are asked to take Vitamin C and Omega 3s twice a day for months after the surgery. Although, you can achieve the perfect vision in a short time but your eyes can take long time to recover sometimes even 18 months after surgery. Therefore, you must take these supplements along with a healthy diet to facilitate your eye recovery. These supplements have other benefits as well which affects your overall health positively.

Always remember, it is easy to achieve a success but it is hard to maintain it. Same goes with the case of a perfect vision after Lasik. So use these tips and live a care free life with a perfect vision!!

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