Skin Care Mistakes a Bride To Be Should Avoid Before The D-Day

Skin Care Mistakes a Bride To Be Should Avoid Before The D-Day

Excited and stressed at the same time? You must be a bride to be then. It is normal to feel the wedding jitters before the wedding but taking too much stress is not good for your skin. A bride is the life of any wedding means you have a big responsibility on your shoulders so you have to take extra care of your skin before the D-day.

Skin care in proper way is very important for you therefore you should also be aware of the common mistakes many brides to be do which you must avoid in every case. Take a look at these common mistakes to prevent any mishap before your wedding.

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Watch out your plate

You must be working on your weight to look best and in shape. Diet plays an important role in achieving your objective but sometimes bride to eat stuff under emotional stress which she should not eat. Try to avoid food items which are acidic in nature like carbonated drinks, alcohol, sugar, and egg yolks. These items reduce the pH of the body while immature vegetables, turmeric, chia seeds, and lemon are alkalizing in nature and thus help in balancing the pH. So, try to include the pH balancing items in your diet to prevent skin problems like extreme sensitivity, inflammation, and acne.

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Don’t lose water

In order to get in shape, you must be working hard on your body through aerobic exercises, yoga or weight training etc. These energy intensive physical activities can make you tired and dehydrated which reflects on your body in form of dull and tired skin. Therefore, remember to drink plenty of water before, in between and after the workout to rehydrate your skin. Follow the diet guidelines of your exercise instructor to avoid fatigue. Don’t overdo the things and take the required rest after a workout.

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Skin cleaning mistakes

Using soaps or cleansers which are acidic or alkaline in nature can cause pH imbalance of skin resulting into loss of natural skin oil, dry and flaky skin or skin irritation. Try to use a moisturizing soap with neutral pH and moisturizing agent to hydrate and nourish your skin like Dove beauty bar. You can also ask a dermatologist for suggestions on skin cleansers.

Little or no sun protection

You may be using sunscreen before stepping out in the sun but is it enough to protect your skin. If you are not using the sunscreen properly then it won’t work for you. The correct way of using sunscreen is applying it 30 minutes before stepping out and then reapplies it on every two hours. Try to use a sunscreen with SPF of 30 or more for better sun protection. Wear protective clothing and accessories like wide brimmed hat, scarf, UV protected sunglasses etc. to protect your skin from harmful sun rays. Apply sunscreen even on cloudy days for skin protection.

Moisturizing is must

It doesn’t matter that you have dry or oily skin; you must moisturize your skin after cleansing it to replenish the lost moisture. This is important because the natural oil in our skin get washed off along with the dirt and makeup during cleansing. Choose the right type of moisturizer according to your skin type.

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Don’t try new products/treatments

Experimenting with your skin just before the wedding can be disastrous too if not done properly or if it doesn’t suit your skin. It means that if you are planning to visit a spa for exfoliation or extraction day before the wedding then it is not an ideal decision but this doesn’t mean that you cannot try out a facial. A hydrating and calming facial a week before is a safe decision as it will revive your stressed and tired skin while giving you a “me time” for yourself.

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Don’t drink too much caffeine or alcohol

Caffeine can give you sleepless nights causing dark circles and alcohol can interfere with your digestion so try to avoid these two things till your wedding. If you can’t stay away from your regular cup of coffee then take it once a day but don’t overdo it. Remember, it takes a lot of sugar which can add calories to your body and it also promotes dehydration which is not good for the skin. So avoiding these drinks will work in your favor.

Now you must have become aware of the things you should stay away from and what to do to make your skin glow on your D-day. Take less stress and stay happy because nothing is beautiful than your smile!!

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