List of Best YouTube Channels to Weight Loss

List of Best YouTube Channels to Weight Loss

Best YouTube Health Channels

All of us are increasingly turning into a health conscious society which is a good sign. Good health means good life. Not only it keeps you in shape, it significantly decreases the risk of lethal diseases. One of the most dangerous health threat is obesity or being overweight. Excessive weight makes you vulnerable to lifestyle diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular issues, high blood pressure and back pain. It sounds positive when people care about their increasing weight, when they try to lose weight and lead a healthy life. But then there are number of people, who lead a hectic life and find it almost impossible to hit the gym or go for walk. Also, there are those who can’t afford the expensive gym fees and thus do not make efforts to weigh on the right side of the weighing machine.

Keeping these two major issues in mind, we came up with the list of best YouTube health channels that can help you in a great deal to get back in your old jeans. Find best Youtube health gurus who will help you to perform weight loss exercises within the comfort of your home; you don’t need to take out time to go to the gym; you don’t need to shell out extra bucks to pay the gym fees. Get the best Youtube health videos access with your good internet connection and zeal to work towards to a slim figure!

Your motivation counts the most and the online fitness videos try hard to keep you energetic and motivated with their useful weight loss tipsand peppy music.

Now leave all your weight gain worries behind and hug the new, improved life which awaits for you on best YouTube channels to weight loss .

  • Krissy Cela

Krissy Cela is a young fitness enthusiast who combines tech and fitness. She is a fitness entrepreneur who owns a youtube channel and has over 2 million followers. It is all about the quality time and range of exercises depending on the body type. Most women find her videos very helpful and give pretty good results. This is the best health channel on YouTube for women looking for a healthy exercise routine.

  • Best meal plans
  • Abs training
  • Booty workouts
  • Every day routine
  • Body strengthening
  • Jeff Nippard

Jeff Nippard is also a new generation youngster who combines science with body health. He is basically a biochemist who made him discovered scientific ways to cut off excess fats to maintain shape. In addition, he offers scientific solutions for people looking for workout routines that work on their bodies efficiently.

  • Explains the mechanisms
  • High protein diets
  • Efficient exercises
  • Concentrated training guide
  • Detox diets
  • Whitney Simmons

Whitney Simmons has about 3.4 million followers on Instagram, where she inspires many people to get into the gym for a healthy lifestyle. She also offers a question and answers section on Instagram, which helps many people to get their solutions.

  • Weekly routines
  • Booty and leg routines
  • Hair and skin care
  • Beauty vlogs
  • OmarIsuf

Omar Isuf has a health channel on YouTube, in which he explains deadlifts and other workout routines. He has around 274k followers on Instagram and does a question and answer session to help his followers with queries.

  • Diet tips
  • Lifting guides
  • Squats training
  • Fitness myths
  • Natacha Océane

Natacha Océane does muscle workout plans to increase the metabolism. She provides guides to increase the intake of nutrients but not accumulate fat. She also provides special guides for women during menstruation for a neat workout and diet plan to reduce cramp pain and bloat.

  • Special guides for women during PMS
  • Checks Tik Tok and internet trends
  • 15 min workouts
  • Training for beginners

The YouTube channel has more than 290 videos that include moderately difficult exercises.

  • Fitness Blender

The USP of this YouTube weight loss channel lies in its well-produced videos. The videos are high on clarity and each detail of production has been taken into consideration. The playlist of Fitness Blender is highly comprehensive despite just a small management team- comprising a husband and wife. They take care of the website as well as the YouTube Channel. Those who seek right methods of losing weight while staying at home can make use of the full-length home work videos featured here. Also, the couple i believe are one of the best Youtube health gurusanswering questions related to general fitness concerns. The exercises that have been covered in the videos include:

  • Pilates
  • Boot camps
  • Strength training
  • High-intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
  • Kettlebell
  • Stretching
  • Sports-specific training
  • Cardio
  • Injury rehabilitation
  • Specialised weight loss programs
  • Be Fit

Be Fit enjoys a great online reputation and best health youtubers list is incomplete without this channel, with more than 37 million plus views on YouTube. The fitness videos feature some of the well-known professional trainers and fitness gurus. As per the info provided on the channel’s page- the best health trainerson webinclude Denise Austin, Billy Blanks Jr., Scott Herman, Samantha Clayton, Garrett Amerine, Rainbeau Mars, Bryan Tanaka, Sadie Nardini, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Envy Girls, Jane Fonda and Jillian Michaels. If you wish to burn down your extra calories while dancing and enjoying some fast music, then try out their dance fit workout videos. The channel also features a series of quick workout videos- it takes only four to five minutes of time to do some cardio burning on those days when you have a packed schedule.

Be Fit has more than 960 videos. Some of them are pregnancy workout- catering both pre and post natal audience woman. The channel provides right guidance so that you can ‘transform yourself’- which is its tagline.

  • My trainer Bob

The YouTube channel is run and managed by the personal trainer featured in the television show- “The Biggest Loser”. His name is Bob Harper- he is a known fitness expert in the United States. Bob firmly believes that to attain one’s weight loss goals, he or she has to focus a lot on what they eat and what they do not eat. While you are accessing Youtube weight loss channels having gurus who teach you, Diet plays a significant role in losing weight and maintaining fitness. You will learn here, except focusing on diet, he also pays importance to one’s mental and spiritual health. He has a direct approach towards fitness and offers a great variety of videos on his channel to stay fit and healthy. My Trainer Bob has more than 31,000 subscribers with 4,287,151 views. On his channel’s ‘ABOUT’ page, Bob says “I want to Challenge all of AMERICA and the rest of the world to take charge of their lives and I NEED YOUR HELP!! Together we WILL make a difference. Get everyone you know on board with my challenges TODAY!!”

  • Passion4Profession

Another workout YouTube channelwhich is known for producing great quality of videos. The channel’s motto is — ” train where you want, how you want, and when you want.” This clearly makes it a great home workout channel.

The ‘ABOUT’ page on YouTube says, “Your challenge is to find the best within yourselves, ours is to help you achieve it!”

The videos use animations to demonstrate the movements of various exercises and postures. The playlist of Passion4Profession include:

  • Butt Workouts
  • Abs special edition videos
  • Chest Workouts
  • Leg Workouts
  • 4 weeks Abs workouts

Among the long list of Youtube fitness channels. In this channel, many videos are there on body weight management. As the various serious of videos address specific body parts, it is advisable that you surf P4P videos directly from the playlist option. On the fully dedicated website of this online fitness channel, you need to click on a spot on the picture of the body to check videos on it. You can also filter the desired videos.

Using the playlist is convenient because the videos playlists address specific parts of the body among other things. On the website, you can check out the exercises by clicking on a spot on the body map. Then list video exercises you want to follow using a filter.

  • video

As its name suggest s, the video channel takes about weight loss and fitness. the new videos are uploaded every week. Certified trainers and health professionals feature in these videos and advise on exercises and diet plans that can help you stay in the pink of your health and in shape. The videos guide you at every step to ensure that your workout is safe and free of injuries. Get sexy and toned with tips on!

  • The Daily HIIT

High-intensity interval training(HIIT) works faster in burning the unwanted calories. This is what daily HIIT wants you to practice to get rid of excessive weight and stay in shape. But if you are a beginner, then you may find hard to practice the exercises in one go. However, don’t stop trying as God help those who help themselves! You will be on the right track within a few days of your exercising. Those who have already done gymming or aerobics will find the intermediate level exercises very useful and effective. The Daily HIIT is the successor of BodyRock.TV another popular fitness channel on YouTube.

Some Indian fitness YouTube channels

  • Health and Fitness

Health and fitness YouTube channel is an Indian YouTube channel where he gives meal plans from Indian cuisine. He creates 5 to 9 pm plans with daily requirements of proteins, carbs, and fats.

  • Indian meal plans
  • Post workout plans
  • Health challenges
  • Baby nutrients guide
  • FitnessRockers India

FitnessRockers India is managed by Atul, certified as a professional yoga trainer. He explains the requirements for additional nutrients for the body and helps to fix the body posture through yoga.

  • No equipment workouts
  • Supplement diet
  • Vegan diets
  • Explains in Hindi
  • Online Yoga sessions
  • FitMuscle TV

FitMuscle Tv mainly concentrates on the shoulder and bicep training regime. Best for men looking to bulk up. Explains supplement importance and integrate them into everyday diets.

  • Tips to bulk up
  • Diet plans for bulking up
  • Concentrates on biceps, back and chest mainly
  • Customised diet to increase protein intake
  • Fit Tuber

Fit tuber is basically the best YouTube channel for health and fitness. He researches the old medicine methodology and finds the best replacements for artificial supplements on the market. Curated Indian diets to get extreme fat loss.

  • Checks every product in the market and rates them from best to worst
  • Quick tips on breakfasts
  • Combines Ayurveda into modern diets
  • Gives the right way to use a product


On YouTube , you will find hundreds of workout and fitness channels that feature thousands of videos helping you stay hale and hearty. But you must understand that not all videos have content suitable for you. With plethora of videos available for free of cost, you will have access to massive content on health, thus it is important that you know what is right and wrong for your body. We are not saying that YouTube has bad videos, but some might not suit your bodily requirements or type, especially if you have any health condition. The patients of heart ailments must consult their doctors before indulging in these fitness videos. Also, pregnant ladies are advised to consult their gynaecologist before they try exercising at home without any medical help and supervision.

You cannot take risk with your health as anything wrong could prove life threatening. Therefore, religiously following any channel, examine the sources properly. Know what they are actually teaching you and will it cause any side effect on your body. If you have persistent body pain after doing these exercises, discontinue them and consult your doctor before starting them again.

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