Tall vs Short Height: Psychology of Mind Set

Tall vs Short Height: Psychology of Mind Set

In this generation, people are very conscious about their height. Short height people wants to know how to grow taller. Everyone wants to look stunning and attractive, height plays a major role in your over all personality. Though it’s a biological factor, it has a major influence in one’s life.

Especially in case of men, height matters a lot. Their love relationship, career, and other characters are mostly judged by their heights. There are lots of opportunities available for both tall and short people. For instance, if taller people can play basketball, then short people are highly active in snowboarding, skiing and much more.

Psychology says that there are comparatively lower rates of suicide among people who are confident and have self-esteem, irrespective of their height. According to several reports and surveys, most of the leaders are blessed with good height which might indicate that people easily build trust for heighten people.

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Here is the list of some common and most exciting benefits of tall as well as short height as per the psychology:

tall vs short height

Career and money-related factors

Records state that most of the legendaries in the world are taller in height including Abraham Lincoln and Barack Obama. But it’s just a coincident or our perception that taller people are more famous, instead of the actual reality. Take the example of Winston Churchill and King Martin Luther, weren’t they short in height? They were! Still they were the most successful people of the US.

For acting careers, both can play their roles. Shorter ones look young as compare to a heighted one. Accordingly they can be given roles to play in any movie, drama, etc.

Height is directly connected to the nutrition a person has received during his/her childhood. If you are given all the important vitamins, protein, and calcium then you might have a tall height. It even gives a brief idea, to the people, about your upbringing. This may be the reason why people choose and vote for the taller candidates rather than the shorter one.

Accidents and balancing

People with short height have an advantage of controlling and balancing their body. They can easily slow down their speed while running or performing other such activities.

Taller people are deprived of this benefit, just like a larger object such as car and train take time to slow down, taller people also take time to slow their speed. This is one of the reasons why taller women are more likely to meet an accident and get injured than a shorter one.

Sexual relationship

If it comes to a sexual relationship, then taller people are more likely to enjoy their sexual life than shorter one. There are several evidences stating that a large number of people who are involved in dating and having pre-marital sex are tall in height.

But being tall is not enough to have a successful sexual relationship with your partner. A man must meet other aspects such as good educational background, career, personality, decent upbringing, etc. to win a girl’s heart.

It depends on one’s own choice. Men like average heighted women. But those who want to have a career as a model need to have good height.

Sports and athletics

You can’t be a basketball or football player with a short height as these sports needs long legs for the goals. Especially in case of basketball, people who are tall are more likely to grab the ball from an opponent and put it in the basket.

In the same way, if you want to achieve victory and become the star of skiing, skating, snowboarding, gymnastics, diving, etc. then your short height will be advantageous for you. People having short height can easily bend their body as compared to the tall people, therefore they get benefits in these games.

So in terms of athletics and sports, it is totally dependent on the kind of sport one is playing.

Lifespan and health

Children who receive a healthy diet are most likely to get taller in their future. But is this tallness benefits their lifespan? The answer is no, in fact, tall people die before the shorter ones of the same age group. This happens because when you reach old age, your body generates more cells which may cause hazardous diseases like cancer, etc.

Therefore, shorter people have more advantages in their old age as compared to the taller ones.

Happiness and confidence

Though taller people are more prone to many problems in their old age, they are more likely to stay happy and with confidence throughout their life.

But it is just our assumption, anyone can stay happy and feel confident about his/her height. There is no need to be taller or shorter to have confidence in you.

Dressing Style

Women with short height can wear matching high heels to suit their attire. But for a taller woman, it’s a bit odd to wear heels, since they are already blessed with the height.

Your personality is what that matters and it’s not dependent on your height.


The concept of height can be distinguished differently by different people. Some people believe that if you have short height, you will easily move in the crowd while others believe that if your taller, you can see anything from the crowd. It’s just the perception we have. If you are comfortable and happy carrying your height, then nothing is better than that. No doubt, you will live as a confident and a happy person.

If you are worried about your sexual relationships than do not forget that women love height but they are more likely to get attracted to a clever person who carries a well-reputed personality. Height doesn’t matter, it’s all in your head what matters the most. So, instead of thinking bad about your height, work on your skills, your personality, your overall grooming, which everyone will appreciate.

Now, it’s time for you to tell us what do you think and feel about your height? Is it affecting your career and development or anything else?

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