People Who Fart In Front of Their Partners Are More Likely to Have a Lasting Relationship

People Who Fart In Front of Their Partners Are More Likely to Have a Lasting Relationship

You might assume that people who fart near their partners are not going to have long-lasting relationships. After all, passing gas is not always all that classy or comfortable for anyone to do.

But the truth is that people who far in front of their partners will be more likely to enjoy great long-term relationships. It is an unusual thing to think about but it is an interesting thing to consider. It just might be something that changes your relationship with someone around for the better.

A Transitionary Activity

A 2016 survey produced by Mic found that people who are comfortable with farting are often capable of appreciating others. When a person is fine with someone else close to that person farting, it becomes a sign that the initial person might become attracted to another person.

The Mic website found that the “fart barrier” is around two to six months in duration. This works in that a couple that has been together for at least two to six months will feel more confident in each other farting. This means that a person will not be worried or embarrassed about passing gas in front of someone. The other person will be okay with it.

Go Beyond Your Role

Farting is also a sign that a person is willing to go beyond one’s traditional role in a relationship. It is a sign of someone willing to be different and intriguing to others. This could change how well people behave in any kind of relationship.

Intimacy Is Important

Another good thing to see about farting is that people who are okay with this are often more intimate. They are fine with each other doing this because they know they can be comfortable with each other and not worried.

The Women’s Health publication also states that farting is something that could make a bond stronger between couples. It shows that a person is willing to feel relaxed and comfortable about one, thus making that person all the more appealing. Couples like it when each other is comfortable with what they are doing with their lives.

There is obviously the consideration that farting is just plain funny to begin with. This is understandable as people will want to feel relaxed and happy. When a couple laughs together, everyone can feel better.

A Healthier Life

In addition, farting can help any couple with feeling healthier. Those who try to hold gas in will experience bloating, cramps and pain. Considering how a typical person holds about half a liter of gas each day and has to expel it in some manner, it only makes sense that a person would get rid of that gas in some manner. This is where farting comes into play as it helps to keep a person from feeling irritated or hard in some manner.

So remember, do not think that farting is something that has to be frowned upon in a relationship. If anything, it is an activity that might show that a relationship you have is truly going to be worthwhile.