Jewish Online Dating: Tips On Finding A Website & A Match

Jewish Online Dating: Tips On Finding A Website & A Match

No matter how much the world keeps changing and evolving, some things remain the same. Tradition is a huge part of every culture and tradition is what helps things remain the same in a way even though everything around us appears to have changed significantly.

Jewish people hold their tradition rather dear and that is to be highly respected.

Just think of a Jewish wedding for a second. I don’t know if you have ever been to one of those, or if you only saw them on TV, but one thing is for sure. The interesting rituals, such as the ones you can see on this page, make those weddings rather fun and exciting, especially for a non-Jew who hasn’t grown up the same way and doesn’t hold the same values.

Jewish Wedding Rituals - Collage Photo of Jewish Gorgeous Woman in her Wedding Dress

If you decide you want to learn a bit more about these weddings and start researching the topic, you’ll see that they have all kinds of rituals that have to be done before, during, as well as after the ceremony.

There’s at least one ritual for every single one of those time periods, which makes the whole wedding dynamic, exciting, and full of joy. Even though that’s not the primary goal of a Jewish wedding, the guests are always rather amused to watch the bride and groom do their parts in the ceremony.

Tradition Begins Long Before The Ceremony

The funny thing is, this tradition starts long, long before you find yourself a bride or a groom. It is spread onto the dating process as well. No, I’m not saying that there are hundreds of strict rules you should follow when dating someone. I am saying, however, that there is one important rule regarding who you date to marry.

Simply put, Jews tend to marry other Jews.

It’s not like you can never date anyone else, but there is an unspoken (or very much spoken, depends on the family) rule that you have to marry a Jew.

When you are in the stage of looking for meaningless and casual relationships, you can probably do what you want, but without letting things get serious if the person you are dating is not a Jew.

Due to the fact that you sometimes cannot control whether a relationship will get serious even if it began as something casual, there is a slight danger attached to the idea of dating someone outside this community.

That’s exactly why Jews also almost always date Jews even if they aren’t looking for marriage at a certain point in time. If you just think about it, every relationship you have is a possible marriage, which is why you tend to look for people that you can have a future with, even though it might turn out later that a specific person wasn’t right for you.

In other words, almost nobody enters a meaningful relationship without the possibility of marriage on their minds.

Just like everyone else, Jewish people have a hard time finding their match in this fast-paced world, which makes it difficult for them to honor their tradition. Dating has become much more complicated than it once was, no matter the culture you come from.

That’s precisely why people are looking for alternative ways to find their match and those alternative ways are actually becoming completely conventional nowadays. I’m talking about online dating.

Jewish Online Dating

In case you are a Jew looking for another Jew, you might think that online dating is not for you, simply because it offers a huge amount of possibilities, making it even more difficult for you to actually end up dating a person from your own culture. I might be inclined to agree with you that the bigger pool of possibilities makes things even more difficult if it just weren’t for one rather simple and highly advantageous thing. There are online dating websites out there specializing in connecting people from this culture.

Look at it this way. If you go to a bar or a party, you will get a chance of meeting a Jew, but you will have to do a lot of searching because there’s no way that everyone you meet is Jewish. In fact, I believe that your chances of a bar are rather slim. If, however, you resort to , you’ll find yourself presented with a big pool of opportunities because everyone who registers on a website like that will be coming from your culture. That’s an important thing to have in common.

Jewish Online Dating: Tips On Finding A Website & A Match 1How To Find Jewish Dating Websites

Now, I know you might be all excited right now and ready to jump on board and immediately find your perfect match, but I suggest you slow down a little bit. Just because you didn’t know websites like these existed, it doesn’t mean that there are only a few of them and that they are all perfect for what you need. Quite on the contrary, there are a plethora of Jewish dating websites and, as logic will tell you, those cannot all be perfect.

What does that mean exactly? Should you give up this idea altogether and just hope that your perfect match will come knocking at your door? I suppose it’s clear that the answer to that question is negative. This simply means that you’ll have to do your best to find the perfect website which will give you the highest chances to meet and date someone. Who knows, you could even meet your spouse this way if you only do things the right way.

Doing things the right way means making an effort to find the right website instead of simply creating a profile on the first one you come across. If you are new to this game, you might have a hard time differentiating between the great and the not-so-great websites, as well as the great and not-so-great profiles, and that can get you pretty discouraged. You shouldn’t be that worried, however, because you can always learn how to find the perfect dating website and the perfect match for you.

Let me share a few simple tips on how to do that:-

1. Read Reviews

I don’t believe I could give you a better tip than this one. When you start searching for the right website to register on, you will have to do some research on a couple of those. This research will help you determine the authenticity and reliability of a particular site, as well as calculate your chances of actually finding the right date.

The best way to do your research is by reading reviews about specific Jewish dating websites.

In addition to giving you useful information about authenticity and reliability, these reviews will help you get an idea about the actual database of a particular site. That will help you determine in advance whether you might have a chance of finding your perfect match there. Plus, reviews will help you understand how these places work, which will significantly increase those chances.

2. Check Profile Authenticity

After having found your perfect website with the help of these reviews, you’ll have to dig a bit deeper and find the right person to date. It’s not like you should just start up a conversation with just anyone you come across.

For starters, you will need to be careful not to stumble upon fake profiles and get completely discouraged after figuring out what happened.

Profile authenticity is the first thing you should check if you want to have better chances of doing things the right way.

Here are some tips on how to check that.

3. Look For Shared Interests

I know that you have decided to register on a website like this because you want to date a person from the Jewish culture. Is that, however, all you two need to have in common? Is that enough for you to spark your interest and have you enter a meaningful relationship? I suppose not, which is why –

you should search for people who share some of your interests and you can do that by checking out their profiles in more detail.

4. Don’t Be Afraid To Get in Touch

The beauty of online dating lies in the fact that there’s no need for you to be afraid to get in touch with people on these sites.

Remember, everyone is there for the same reason and if you actually want to find your perfect match, you’ll have to communicate.

Feel free to talk to more than one person until you have found that one that seems to be the right match for you.