How to Get a Date on Tinder – Tips and Tricks For Indians

How to Get a Date on Tinder – Tips and Tricks For Indians

Any man or woman in India can get a date on Tinder when one just looks hard enough at what one can do to make it work.

Get Date on TInder - Tips and Tricks

There are several points for how to get a date on Tinder that have to be followed properly:

get date on tinder good opening lines

Create a Sensible Opening Line

The first of the Tinder messaging tips to use is to avoid sounding too gimmicky or wooden when introducing you. Your opening line can simply be something relating to your work or anything in your profile or bio. The key is to just be natural and reflective of who you truly are without trying to rush things.

get date on tinder good complete bio

Always Fill Out Your Bio

One part of how to Tinder that many people in India forget about involves getting their bios set up. It is critical that you produce a nice bio that lets people know who you are and what you have to offer for them. Show in your bio that you are interesting and that you have interests and values that you want others to notice. Recommended Post –how to ask for dating your office colleague

get date on tinder link to other social media sites

Link to Other Social Media Sites

Next, you need to get your Tinder profile connected to any other social media accounts you have. Link your page up to your Facebook or Instagram account. Let people learn more about you and your interests by getting links to those pages up and running. You have to do this to show people that you are a multi-faceted person. After all, no one wants to deal with someone who is too plain or hard to figure out.

get date on tinder link to other use multiple photos

Get Multiple Photos

Anyone on Tinder who has just one photo might not be all that interesting to other people. You have to show on Tinder that you are a multi-faceted person and that you want to show that you are interesting for a variety of reasons. Having many photos on your profile shows that you are someone who really wants to show off what you have to offer.

Creating Good Talking Points in your Photos

Your photos should feature points that are interesting and can cause people to start talking. Take photos of yourself that show you in a positive light while being attractive and distinct in some form.

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get date on tinder be attractive don't be trashy

Be Attractive, But Don’t Be Trashy

It is true that the most attractive people are always the ones that get the most attention on Tinder. But that does not mean you have to look like a sex object. You just have to look modest and natural without overdoing it on the fashion, makeup or anything else you use to look great. Keep a good mind set when posing for pictures and when getting yourself to look presentable so it is not tough to get the most out of your work.

get date on tinder tips for guys

Points For Guys

There are a few specific Tinder tricks for guys that especially perfect for men:

  • Avoid trying to look overly sensual or sexy on Tinder. You need to show that you care about the women you want to court.
  • Show a sense of humor when talking with women. They love it when men show a sense of charm.
  • Be direct when talking with a woman. Show that you are honest and that you aren’t going to mislead her in some fashion.
  • Try to get the conversation off of Tinder as soon as you can. This shows how committed you are to someone.

get date on tinder tips for girls

Points For Girls

There are also some Tinder tips for girls that are vital for all ladies:

  • Avoid having lots of group photos. While you might like to show yourself having fun with your other lady friends, your Tinder photos need to focus on you above all else.
  • Have photos beyond just selfies. Anything that looks a little more professional can help you show off more of your body and make something you want to highlight a little more expressive and dynamic in layout.
  • Avoid taking yourself far too seriously on the site. Do not sound uptight or professional or else people will think you are too stubborn or stuffy.

Each of these Tinder tips and tricks will help you make yourself more attractive to anyone as you are on this popular program. Look at what you are doing when getting on Tinder so you can show to others that you are committed to them and that you want to let people know what makes you outstanding and special.