Does Office Senior Date to His/her Junior?

Does Office Senior Date to His/her Junior?

When you are bound to your workplace for the whole day then you are more likely to get attracted towards your colleague, subordinate or senior. The reason of liking may vary for instance, you may be impressed by their intelligence, skills, personality or behavior, but a question always keeps popping in your mind whenever you want to express your feelings and that is “What if he/she alleges you for harassment at workplace?”

Yes, that is right. It may happen if your junior misinterprets your genuine attraction as a compromise in return of favoritism. The other possible cause is that your junior reciprocates your feelings in a positive way and you develop a relationship with him/her. But in either case, you should consider some pros and cons of your relationship status.

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Time management

The biggest advantage of an office affair is that your love interest is always in front of your eyes and you need not to juggle with your schedule to see your eye candy but it can also distract you from your work. Try to manage your time in your work and communicating with your partner. Avoid office mails or personal mail system as they are easily read from his/her colleagues and then everybody will know it. You can use text messages to keep the love flame burning.

Inside story

Another benefit of having a junior partner as your lover is that you can get to know what your other employees think about you. It is obvious that your partner will tell you about your negative or positive points if it comes in his/her knowledge. He/she can suggest you the needed reformations in your behavior.


Stealing kisses or making out in the elevator are fantasies of couples, but you have an opportunity to make it a reality. The feeling of being caught at any moment will keep your adrenaline up.

Matching frequency

Since you are working in the same environment therefore it is much easier for you to understand the problems, pressures and ambitions of each other and thus can have a mutual understanding over many issues. Many relationship strains because the couple doesn’t understand the professional needs of the partner and having a junior from your own office gives you can prevent such conflicts in your life.


Office policy

With the rise in sexual harassment cases, many offices have taken strict measures to prevent office romance and when any employee is found to be involved in romantic activity at the workplace then he/she gets terminated as soon as possible. So if your job is dear to you, then please go through your office policy before playing your love tune in the office.

Favoritism allegations

If your juniors know about your relationship with their colleague then they can allege you for favoritism or can question about the credibility of your loved one. Both of these situations can disturb a healthy environment of your office.


If your organization does allow the senior – junior relationship, then also you should keep a professional distance with your love interest during the job. You can show all your affection after working hours and outside the workplace.

Failed relationship

Everybody at the office will get involved in the gossip of your breakup and your colleagues may butt into your personal life after your relationship ends. The worst case will be if your junior does not give up on you then he/she can stalk you every day and you cannot stop him/her.

Tarnished image

A professional image is very important in your successful career and an office romance can easily spoil your spotless image. Your juniors will not take you seriously and may call you names after your back. You may be tagged as womanizer or desperate if you fail in several romantic attempts.

Complicate life

If you are married or engaged, then an office romance can surely damage your relationship. It can affect your family life and relations and also your mental health. Your employers can fire you if your personal feuds reach your office steps.

As you can see the cons are causing major issues while ruining the joy of your love life as well as damage your career, which is your lifeline so think before taking any step out of emotions. If you think that you will keep your love life a secret or low profile, then it is a temporary solution because a wise man once said that “the essence of love and perfume can’t be hidden”. So, if you really think that you have found the right one and take the risk of your job for your partner, then go ahead and let your colleagues know about your love status before anyone catches you. Love is worthy of risks because life will be very boring without both of them means LOVE and RISK.