How to Ask for Dating to Your Office Colleague, if you are a girl?

How to Ask for Dating to Your Office Colleague, if you are a girl?

If you always get compliments on your beauty, intelligence or success, but never get a chance to get a date invitation from your male colleagues then you should look out for reasons which is blocking them to reach you. It is possible that the interested men are a bit afraid of losing a nice job in case they approach you and you also don’t want to go with a flashboard which says ‘DATE ME’. So what are the things you should do to the ask work colleague for date from your office?

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Make sure about him

If you are interested in a guy then making sure about his nature towards women means if he flirts with every other girl in the office or just maintains a friendly rapport with them. If he doesn’t seem to be interested in other girls then you should think of giving him some signals about you being attracted to him. If he is a player then you will become a laughing stock or a gossip topic of the office.

Introduce yourself

Try this move only when you confirm about his behavior towards the opposite gender. This is a bold move, but you have to do a little effort in order to give him a signal that you are interested in him. If he is new in the office then you can ask him about his ‘being new’ status at the water cooler or help him when he is looking for direction by accompanying him to his place. Make the first encounter a short one, but leave him with a friendly smile along with your introduction. You can tell him that he can approach you for help in case he needs any. In this way you will make yourself approachable and this gesture will be counted as sweeter rather than desperate.

Engage in small talk

When you go to see him every day and you have already introduced yourself, then a few greetings from your side like ‘good morning’ or ‘hi’ is allowed and considered as good office etiquettes. If he responds to your greetings and come forward to talk to you then it is a sign that he is also taking interest in you. Try to lead your little chit chats to lunch talks or evening tea gossips but make sure to do this in a group otherwise you will be become the hot topic. The safest way is to invite him in your group of office friends.

Reply his texts and messages

If he has asked for your number and constantly keep in touch with you by sending you silly jokes, sharing funny events and other light stuffs then it means that he is somewhat interested in you. In such a case, give him reply in such a way that he becomes aware that you are interested in him like when he ask you if you would like to try the new eating joint across the street at office then you can show your interest but please not the excitement.

Flirt with him

Now when you have already become buddies means hanging out with a group or only with each other and spending a good time outside the office then a little flirting won’t do any harm. You can slightly shove shoulder with him in a friendly manner or give a pat on his back when he talks about his achievements or smack on his head when he does something silly. These are some physical signals from a girl to a guy that she is comfortable with being around with him.

Do a happy dance

Okay, if he has got all your signals and ask you out on a date then please don’t readily accept. Tell him that you will let him know and confirm your availability after an hour or so. If you readily accept his invitation, then he could think that you are very easy to pick up, but if you make him wait, then he will consider that you have some brains to think about the consequences of going on a date with an office guy. But if your guy is dumb enough not to read your signals then you have to do bit more effort. All the best!!!!!