Yoga DVD Review – Yoga Zone: Total Body Conditioning for Beginners

Yoga DVD Review – Yoga Zone: Total Body Conditioning for Beginners

Since the time yoga has become a fashion statement, there comes a flood of Yoga DVDs on the market, but very few of them are genuine products. Yoga zone has launched a DVD program for beginners with a 40 minute run time and it offers you simple and direct instructions of yoga poses by knowledgeable and non-intimidating instructors. The DVD has two 20 minute workout sessions performed in the backdrop of a beautiful Jamaican setting.

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  • Ideal for people who has no prior knowledge of yoga
  • The instructions are easy and can be performed by a person with low stamina
  • Clear instructions and posture demonstrations
  • Each session ends with relaxation techniques
  • Gives information on proper breathing during each pose
  • Challenges and stretches every muscle
  • The twenty minute time frame for two segments is perfect for your tight schedule


  • There is a lunge poses left in the second segment of the DVD
  • Session 2 is also the identical program as session 1 on Yoga Zone’s Gentle Yoga DVD


The DVD program has nine separate segments which include an introduction to yoga practice and postures. The other segments include Four legged table, standing pose, extended standing pose, lying pose, second practice, downward facing dog, advanced four legged table pose and meditation. It comes with audio options which consists of practice with instruction or practice with the music only option. This program gives you a chance to develop a personalized routine for yourself. The poses are demonstrated with ease and skill by Lisa Bennet and Charles Matkin and the video is shot at the beautiful beach at the Grand Lido San Souci resort in Jamaica.

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The first session is lead by Lisa and she is joined by Charles. This session starts with a simple seated twist and then followed by table pose, scale pose and bound angular pose. After that, there comes a series of standing poses which begins with triangle pose followed by warrior pose and mountain pose. The session ends with the child pose and meditation, which will relax the body and mind.

Poses in the second session are demonstrated by Charles and Lisa is assisting him. This session begins with the sun salutation (Surya Namaskar) on your knees while raising your arms upward and sideways, then rise up onto your knees and do a forward bend in the middle. The other poses include a kneeling spine stretch, a seated hip opener with joined heels and hands at the back. The next move or downward facing dog pose, lunge pose on the right, but there is a slight error after this pose which is the lunge posed for the left part is not included so you have to stop and rewind the program.

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After that you will move to seal pose, seated spine stretch with legs extended out and hands at the backside. These poses are followed by table pose, scale pose, one knee seated stretch, plank pose, downward facing dog. The plank and downward facing dog pose are combined in the next move for a Vinyasa followed by more planks in Chatarangas. The session finishes with a mini cobra pose, locust pose, child pose, extended bounded angular pose and meditation.

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Overall presentation of the DVD program is appreciable but the first session is better than the second one due to the editing mistake. The rest of the content is completely fine, so it should not be ignored because of a single error. The poses in this program can be performed by every level of practitioner, especially the beginners and even people with low stamina or pregnant ladies.

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