Surya Namaskar Benefits

Surya Namaskar Benefits

The Sun or Surya (in Sanskrit) is the center of not just our solar system, but also of every living being on this planet. That is why the rishis or sages of ancient India have developed a technique known as ‘Surya Namaskar’ or sun salutation which is a set of twelve yoga poses flow in a series along with the breathing exercises to utilize the solar energy for overall well being of the body. It is said that the solar plexus, which is the central point of body and situated behind the naval is connected with the sun and therefore continuous practicing of sun salutation will enhance the creative and intuitive abilities of a person.

There are many benefits of sun salutation which covers different parts and functions of the body.

Right time to do Surya Namaskar

Although, this practice is not time bounded but it is highly recommended that you should do it in the morning time. The morning sun salutation revitalizes your body and boost up the energy level which helps you in handling the tasks throughout the day. If it is done in the afternoon, then it will instantly energize your body and if it is performed at evening time, then it will help you in relaxing your body and mind.

Strengthen the digestive system

The alternate stretching and compression of abdominal muscles during a sun salutation makes them strong and improves digestion. It affects the whole digestive system, but especially the major organs like stomach, intestine, liver, pancreas, etc. and its regular practice with empty stomach cures digestion related problems like constipation, dyspepsia, indigestion, etc. Since your abdominal muscle becomes stronger with regular practice therefore you will get a flat and sculpted belly and rock hard ABS.

Improves memory and nervous system

Surya Namaskar helps in reducing anxiety and restlessness in the body by calming down the mind as well as boosting up the endurance of the body and thus enhances the concentration ability. It affects the central nervous system (Brain), Peripheral nervous system (Spinal cord) and lower plexus and cures the memory and behavior related issues like forgetfulness, foggy brain, worries, and other mental derangements. Regular practice of Surya Namaskar can also heal the shattered nerves.

Increases the flexibility

The sun salutation includes poses which involve stretching of spine, arms, legs, etc. and thus it increases the flexibility of the body. It also cures any spine curvature related problem like hunched back and thus reveals your hidden height as well. Regular practice of Surya Namaskar by children and teenagers can make them taller and it can also add few inches even after adulthood.

Maintain balanced hormone level

The exercises of sun salutation affect the endocrine system of the body and trigger the sluggish glands to increase their secretion and function properly. It removes or suppresses the irregularity of the menstrual cycle, dysmenorrhea and consequent pain in women and regular practice of it can help in normal childbirth. It also improves the functioning and health of reproductive organs both in man and woman.

Helps in weight loss

It improves the functioning of the thyroid gland, which has a major role in weight gain. The sun salutation exercises help you in shedding calories and tone up the overall body like arms, legs, shoulders and belly by stretching the abdominal and back muscles naturally. If you couple Surya Namaskar with a healthy diet then you will get positive results in less span of time.

Keeps you young

Sun salutation involves breathing exercises along with stretching, which removes stress from the body and your overall well being is reflected by the glow on your face. It prevents ageing and wrinkling on your face and making it radiant and flawless. It also helps in improving blood regulation in the body and thus helps in preventing hair problems and improves hair growth. It reduces the prominence of Adam’s apple in men by the forward and backward bending of the nook. It also cures the body odor related problem.

Enhance body immunity

This practice will increase your immunity against disease by boosting endurance, proper functioning of internal organs, strengthen the skeletal system and maintain the homeostasis of the body. Your enhanced stamina can overcome any weather related changes, minor infection or strenuous activity.

Increase heart and lung efficiency

It invigorates the vital organs like heart and lung and increases their functional capacity and thus improves the blood flow and oxygen level in the body making you energetic and calm whole day. It prevents the rise in blood pressure and thus reduces palpitations.

Removes toxins

The inhalations and exhalation process of breathing exercises keeps your body well ventilated and retain a high level of oxygen in blood. It will help in removing the toxic gases from the body. . It affects the color and function of the spleen, an important organ of the immune system which acts like a filter against pathogens and thus helps in eradicating toxic impurities through perspiration.

Eradicate sexual problems

It enhances the vigor of your body by increasing the efficiency of each and every organ system of the body. It also makes you look attractive with a sculpted body and enhanced facial features. It means that you are more likely to get attention from other gender and satisfy your partner’s physical needs.

Rectify your posture

The stretching poses of sun salutation stretch your spine, neck, shoulders, arms, wrists, fingers, back, stomach, waist, abdomen, intestines, thighs, knees, calves and ankles which rectify the alignment of the body and thus correct the body posture. It is well known that a bad posture can lead you many disorders in the body like kidney problem, back and waistline pain, stiffness of limbs etc.

Develops and heighten the sixth sense

A regular practice of sun salutation can expand the size of the solar plexus from an almond size to the palm size. This expansion of the solar plexus, which is also known as second brain helps in developing an intuitive ability and make you clear and focused on your goal. On the other hand, its compression can cause depression, anxiety and other negative behaviors in the body.

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