Signs She Hates You After A Breakup?

Signs She Hates You After A Breakup?

The worst thing which happens in any relationship is the end of it. It is like demolishing a beautiful house which you have made with love and passion and looking at the ruins of it gives you immense pain. If you are going through the after effects of the breakup and desperately want her to get back to you then you have to be sure about her feelings towards you.

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Here are the signs which will tell you if she really hates you after the break up or there is a ray of hope left for you.

She has blocked you

If she has blocked you and your mutual links from every social networking site or chatting platform and deleted all your pictures from her account just after the breakup, then it means she doesn’t want any future conversations with you or get reminded of you by any links.

She ignores/insults you publicly

Hate is a very strong word and a girl doesn’t include this emotion in her life until her heart is scarred beyond repairing. If you have cheated her or lie to her several times, which she wasn’t not going to tolerate any more than her hatred is quite justified. If she ignores you publicly, and even insults you for your continuous chasing then you should conclude that she is not going to forgive you or give you a second chance.

She doesn’t reply

You didn’t get a single reply from her after numerous attempts of conversation from your side. Either no one picks your call or the phone gets switched off, then it is assured that she is really very angry and clearly avoiding any chances of having a word with you.

Her friends and family becomes bitter to you

Normally, Friends and family of a girl are more sensitive towards her as compared to a boy and the break up thing obviously makes them bitter towards the guy. They will become overprotective towards her and do everything to make you not reachable to her.

She has returned all the gifts

Girls are very sensitive towards the memories of their loved ones and they never want to part with them and if she has returned all your gifts and other stuff means she has completely tore you off from her heart and doesn’t want to share even a single moment with you.

She has changed her job/location

Girls are very sensitive towards their relationship and a heart break takes a long time to heal. Even if she doesn’t want to go away it is more likely that her family suggests or pressurizes her to change her job or location so that she can have little or no sights of you in order to give her a chance to start afresh in life.

She cuts off every link from your family/friends

If she hates you then she will disconnect from your family, friends, and mutual connections, because these people will remember the good old days of your togetherness.

She confronts you

If you have not given up on her and still chasing her to make her get back to you at any cost and after a series of attempts, she sticks to only one answer and that is ‘I HATE YOU’ then it means that she hates you. Don’t make her and your life miserable by hopeless attempts.