Signs She Likes You as Friend Only

Signs She Likes You as Friend Only

‘She likes me, She likes me not’ if you have plucked all the petals to get your answer, then the best suggestion for you is to focus on the signals she gave about her likes or dislikes rather than torturing a poor flower. It is true that you like her and she also likes to hang out with you, talk for hours, send you texts and share everything under the sun. But you are afraid to take another step and ask her the question about her actual feelings for you. Well, if you can bear the painful answer in her angelic voice which could be ‘I always considered you as a friend only’ then you go to her and ask about her feeling straight forward. The other way is that you can understand her signals and prevent your ego from getting bruised with her negative answer. So what are the signs which say she likes you as a friend?

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She talks about other guys

It is a big sign from her side that you don’t try to misinterpret her friendly nature with liking. When she talks about guys means she has guy friends and likes to hang out with them. YOU ARE NOT SPECIAL CASE. She can also use this trick to get a reaction out of you like jealousy. If she talks about a particular guy she is interested in then you should move ahead as she is not a bit interested in you and you are just a friend.

She doesn’t try to look her best

She is beautiful and smart, but she doesn’t make any effort to look her best around you. When you like someone then you try to look best as you always do for her. But she only treats you as a friend and that is why it doesn’t affect her that how you perceive her appearance. Even a girl who wears a simple look to make some extra effort for her special one, but if there is no effort means there is no attraction.

She avoids physical contact

There are some friendly gestures which buddies use when they are around like side hug, pat on the shoulder, a gentle slap etc. But if she pulls away when you try to touch her in a friendly way or even doesn’t pull away but don’t reciprocate your gestures then it is a clear sign that she only thinks about you as a friend.

She won’t you extras

When a girl is interested in some guy she usually gives him some extras like extra stares, extra touches, extra smiles and she find excuses to hang out with him. She instantly replies to his texts and messages and give signals to tell him that she is open for more plans like dating. But if your girl is just being polite, show moderate affection and even hang out on her terms then you should understand that you are just her friend and not more than that.

If you receive one of the signs or couple of signs from your girl then you should pull back and find a girl who is interested in you. One side affair doesn’t do any good for anyone.