Yoga DVD Review -Kundalini Yoga for Beginners by Ana Brett and Ravi Singh

Yoga DVD Review -Kundalini Yoga for Beginners by Ana Brett and Ravi Singh

Yoga is now popular worldwide and has become an important add on in the workout plan of fitness freaks. If you also like to join this yoga fraternity then the DVD program by Yoga Gurus Ana Brett and Ravi Singh would be very useful for you. This is a program for beginners and every yoga pose is described in a simple way. This program is based on Kundalini yoga and it is not like traditional yoga means this yoga emphasizes more on breathing practices. The exercises demonstrated in this DVD will helps in improving strength and flexibility of your body besides reducing the stress level and relaxing yourself. It is customized to meet your requirements like desired moves and suitable time frame. This program is about an hour and five minutes long and divided into two workout sets of 25 minutes duration covering exercises for different parts of the body.

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Kundalini Yoga DVD Program Benefits

  • This program is developed by reliable names in yoga teaching that are Ana Brett and Ravi Singh.
  • Revised menu including matrix menu options means it is possible to select different chapters from the DVD menu to customize your workout plan.
  • These exercises don’t require any kind of equipment and can be performed in your comfort zone at home.
  • This program contains some famous poses used by celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna and Red Hot Chili Peppers to get that fab look.
  • The yoga poses are quite different from those found in usual DVDs.
  • Every pose is demonstrated with clear instructions and English names are used for them to give a better understanding to the viewer.
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  • There is a short chanting part in the program which can make people a little bit self conscious and they may be unconvinced about it being helpful.
  • Some exercises in this program are physically demanding and challenging.
  • Some people may not like the breathing dominating exercises.


The DVD program is divided into two sections of 25 minutes each. The first segment “Rise and Spine” focuses on exercises which improves the flexibility of the spine. The second segment “The five Tibetans” demonstrates various exercises which improve the energy level and flexibility in the body. The program opens with deep breathing exercise and the breath of fire followed by a short chanting segment. This program also includes segments on meditation and relaxation.

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This DVD program is a great choice for beginners and also for those who have some prior knowledge about yoga and its poses such as downward and upward dog pose and camel pose. It would give them a clear understanding of these poses in static form so that they can take required precautions while performing them. It also presents a different and interest approach to strengthen the mind and body with Hatha yoga. It can be customized with the matrix menu which will take care of time constraints and work out priorities. It improves the overall flexibility and energy level of your body.

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