How to Ask for Dating to Your Office Colleague, if You are a Male?

How to Ask for Dating to Your Office Colleague, if You are a Male?

The office is a place of diversity and people from different places, religions, races or colors work under the same roof and in such condition attraction between opposite sexes are more likely to happen. If you also like some girl in your office and you have no clue about how to approach her then here are some tips which can help you in reaching her in an appropriate manner.

Before Dating Office Colleague, Look at these Points:

Know her better

It would be better if you try to know her first rather than popping the questing from out of the blue and get yourself embarrassed or even fired from the office. Try to make acquaintance with her through a common friend at the office or just approaching her with morning or evening greetings. These things will appear more casual rather than a chance of hitting upon her. The best places to strike a conversation with her are at water cooler, coffee room or break room. If she is a new employee then you can introduce yourself and ask her that you are willing to help if she needs any help with anything. If she is an old employee then you can share about the usual office jokes or gossips. A light and casual conversation is the best way to know her better. To know her relationship status you can compliment her by saying that “Your boyfriend must have complimented you on this new hairstyle, it is really looking nice on you” and if she admits that she has single then taken another step.

Look for the signs

Make sure that she also likes you or shows some interest in you before you ask her on a date. A Girl usually gives signals to the guy if she is interested in you. Look out for those signals like if she feels comfortable around you, she likes to chat with you and reply your texts and messages instantly, she touches you in a friendly manner like a pat on the back, a playful push or a casual hug. She seems to be more conscious about her looks around you and make efforts to look more presentable in your vicinity. You should wait a little more from taking the final step even if you are getting these signals from her.

Invite her

You can invite her with the office group for After Hours activities like going to a pub or some office party. This will work best for you if she is new or you have recently started talking. If everybody is going then it is more likely that she comes along. You can give her company in the group, introduce her with other members, spend good time with her and this will make her trust you and develop more interest towards you. If you have already made a rapport with her then you can ask her to try the food at your favorite restaurant or hang out in her or your favorite cocktail lounge.

If you are going to indulge yourself in the office romance, then you should be more cautious because

  • There is always a risk of tarnishing your career and you will not be taken seriously if your love story comes out in the office.
  • Keep your love life low profile otherwise your other coworkers could butt in your personal life.
  • Unfortunately, if you break up with her then it really sucks to see her everyday and if she wouldn’t give up on you then be ready to meet a stalker every day.
  • Never date a co-worker from same team or any subordinate as you may be alleged for favoritism.