10 Ultimate Signs that Say She truly Loves You

10 Ultimate Signs that Say She truly Loves You

The beginning of a relationship is always extremely beautiful because both the partners are trying their best to make the other person feel comfortable and loved. But with time every relationship goes through peaks and valleys; for some, the love keeps growing and for others, the truthful picture (which is unfortunately bad) starts emerging. The real, deep love shows its color over the years; a relationship takes its own course with time.

If your woman have been there with you for long, but you are still confused if she is really the right one or the wrong one for you, we advise you to go through these signs that will certainly tell if she truly loves you or not.

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Sign 1: She replies to your text messages in a record time

To know if a woman is really interested in you, keep a check on the number of texts messages she sends you, how fast does she answer your texts and what kind of messages does she write to you- do they contain emotional and caring content? If she is responding you more quickly than you had imagined, if she writes you long messages asking about your whereabouts and well-being, there is a good chances that she is interested in you more than just being a friend.

Sign 2: She loves your sense of humour

A woman would even laugh at your silliest jokes to let you know that she likes you. Well, it doesn’t mean she lacks a good sense of humour; it is just that she wants you to feel that are you are humorous even if you are not! Well, you have more chances of being showered with women attention if you have a good sense of humour. To find out if she likes your jokes, notice how she reacts when you crack a joke. Is she laughing louder at your jokes than she does with other guys in your friend circle? If yes, she might be indicating a liking for you.

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Sign 3: She insists on sharing her food with you

The love chemical ‘Oxytocin’ makes us more generous and we keep looking for opportunities to get closer to our crush. We tend to look for excuses to spend some time together and try to know each other in a better way. One of the common excuses often that a woman would find to come closer to you is to share her food with you, especially when you don’t bring it from home. Your love would never mind sharing her burger with you, even you can steal it as it is going to make her more happier!

Sign 4: She sticks with you in your thick and thin

Most of our true friends stand to save us in the bad times; they are there also to celebrate our good times. But during such occasions whether good or bad, we often need a special person to lean on. If the woman of your life has been rock solid in your ups and downs, she is certainly a person worth spending your life with. Whether you were going through a financial crunch or an emotional crisis, she has offered help in every possible way; it is certain that she is going to be with you for lifelong. We would advise you to do not wait any further and let her know how important she has been in your life.

Sign 5: She is there every time you need her

Regardless of the size of your worries, she is the first person you confide in about how anxious you are or how scared you are about an issue. You know you can talk to her about anything and she would be more than interested to listen to you. Whether you have sexual fantasies, weird friend problems, issues with parents or an illness, she understands all of it. She is always ready to lend you her shoulder or an ear!

Sign 6: She doesn’t mind indulging in some PDA

Well, she finds it really hard to keep her hands off you, she is always touching you, especially in non-sexual way such as caressing your back, smoothing your messy hair and leaning against you. She steals a moment every now and then to give you a small peck on the cheek. All of this shows that she cares for you and love to reach to you. Also it indicates that she is comfortable with you.

Sign 7: All her friends know you

If a woman is in love with you, her friends would be the first ones to know about it. She wouldn’t take a moment to hesitate and instead would shout to the world professing her love for you. No matter where she is or with whom she is, she is constantly talking about you. Her conversations start with you and end with you. This indicates that she can’t cease her thoughts about you, you are always there on her mind and it is the only thing she loves to talk about. Precisely, she wants the world to know about both of you!

Sign 8: She starts missing you the moment you are gone

The moment you drop her home, she starts texting you about how much she misses you. Her messages have filled your inbox. She makes it a point to call you every night before she goes to bed. She calls you incessantly if you have been missing for a couple of hours. Well, it is true that sometimes it becomes really bothering and irritating that a person is constantly buzzing you, but understand how she feels about you. She is concerned about and finds it hard to restrain herself from getting in touch with you regardless of time, date or day.

Sign 9: She likes to talk out every misunderstanding

Misunderstandings, disappointments and adjustments are quite common issues in a relationship. But you girl knows that you are more important than such petty problems. She values the relationship more than she values her ego. She prefers to calmly discuss every situation rather than taking sudden aggressive decisions. The girl is certainly in love with you if she treats both of you equally. She wants her chance of explanation as well as gives you yours. She doesn’t leave a stone unturned to solve the issues fairly. She firmly believes that no problem is permanent and love wins all battles!

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Sign 10: She loves you the way you are; she has accepted your natural self

A true companion is the one who accepts you the way you are. They never try to change you or your habits. Yes, the woman is surely a true lover if she respects your real self and understands that you can’t change yourself or your weird habits like sleeping with your jeans on or having your favourite superhero’s posters covered every wall of your room. She understands what makes you cranky or what makes you laugh. She understands your mood swings and give you enough space to be what you are. If your woman gives you some personal space, we can assure that spending your life with her would be easier and both of you would be able to enjoy each other’s company in this long journey called ‘life’.

No matter what these signs say, there are more ways to know if your woman truly loves you or not. Some unimportant things or routine tasks such as arranging your room, preparing food for you, asking about your well-being are also the subtle signs of her affection for you. Understand these to understand her feelings better. Finding your soul mate isn’t easy as now people are too casual about their relationships, but if you have found your right one, you are certainly a lucky person.