Hair care: Top Ways to Reduce Hair Loss in Men

Hair care: Top Ways to Reduce Hair Loss in Men

Male Hair Loss Prevention Tips

What’s the most important thing in our personalities that’s most appealing? Definitely our hair which makes a first impression. When these hair choose to let us go, that’s when the nightmare begins. A global problem worldwide, hair loss can be experienced by any one at any age, be it children or adults. With economy hitting new levels and society changing with time, people are rebelling with their lives to make a strong foothold in the society. The new economy set up and sudden westernization has indeed brought more luxury options in our lives, but has sent out an open invitation to certain glitches like, stress, insomnia, depression, heart disorders, nervous disorders, sleepwalking and many other serious concerns.

Men, being the head of the families have to stay in the life game to survive and run their families. Every day is not balanced and so is the work, men being dependent entirely on work for a good income go through various upheavals. These challenges takes the best out of them but at the cost of their health. The number of tensions is equivalent to the number of hair follicles falling off. It seems the hair follicles make the comb friendlier to itself than the scalp.

Origin of Hair Loss- Why it actually happens?

Causes of hair loss lies in the roots of the mind, which is the hub of the body and when it is highly trafficked by tensions and worries. As surveyed, many doctors claim that the hair is automated in a certain life cycle which is streamlines as- Growing Phase, Resting Phase and finally the Shedding Phase. How the hair loss process works is whenever the mind and the body is in a stressful position or in a stressful phase, then the hair directly enters the shedding phase and hence the process of hair loss is initiated. Undeniably the hair does grow back but the amount of hair lost is far from the number of the hair actually lost.

Moving to hair loss that is occurring to men at young ages or even teenage boys, it is noticed that scarcity of protein in the body and excess of vitamin A intake are also possible causes of hair loss. Introduction of junk food has given loads of reasons to teenagers to stay outside the house hence disrupting the nutrient balance of the body. This is applicable to every gender and is not biased to specifically men. Too much of everything is also bad and too less of everything is also bad. Food is cooked at home so as to provide enough nutrition and build a good metabolism in every participant of the house, be it children or young adults.

Sometimes hormonal imbalances and hereditary factors also few of the possible causes of hair loss. Many times the causes of the hair loss is unknown and when the guesswork ends, by that time loads of hair are almost lost leading to grievances. To conclude whenever hair loss is noticed for a long time, a doctor or a checkup is going to be a good friend.

How to prevent Hair Loss?

Though hair loss is a naturally occurring phenomena and stress and tensions cannot be easily ignored. But precautions are always better than cure as said by the experienced and old influential people. Few points mentioned below can be of real help in order to avoid hair loss:

  • Exercises

    Always the first cure for any problem as it keeps the body metabolism balanced and healthy. Consistent exercise and systematic diet routines can sure keep the comb friendlier to the scalp not to the hair follicles.

  • Bringing yoga and meditation in to regular practice

    Keeping stress out of the house can be done effortlessly by doing mediation regularly or even a few yoga asans can be of great help in keeping the mind at ease.

  • Keeping vitamins and proteins levels balanced

    Proportionate amount of vitamins and proteins has been proved appreciable for keeping body well-adjusted.

  • Weight check

    Few diseases like thyroid, diabetes and certain heart disorders can either elevate weight or descend it. But weight loss donates more to the cause of hair loss. A 6-month checkup is recommended by doctors to stay par from diseases. In case any disease is detected, doctors commend certain medications which taken timely can keep one healthy and happy.

  • Staying away from anti-depressants and steroids

    Many professionals seek physiological help when they have troubles at work places and even in their personal space. To retain their clients, the physiatrists tend to prescribe definitive pills and anti-depressants which might help them temporarily but makes the patient addictive to the pills. Anti-depressants have certain drugs that can trigger hair loss easily and also few other complications.

  • Treating yourself

    Life is short and problems are n in number. The money earned is best earned when utilized for personal pleasures. Being hard yourself can lead you to your goals but can put you on certain health risks. Regular spa seating and planning small vacations and trips can ease away pain temporarily and help you get relaxed.

Top Ways to Reduce Hair Loss in Men

Men being amongst the major sufferers in hair loss game, tend to land themselves in to the balding zone easily. Not to worry, certain quick help techniques can help men regain their hair and at least slow down hair loss. Below mentioned are few steps that when adopted can help reduce hair loss:

Don’t smoke away your hair

Smoking is another element in men’s life that holds more importance than meals, but smoking cannot only be injurious to lungs but also to the hairs. Smoking transparently decreases the blood flow heading towards the scalp. Further increasing hair loss.

Avoid Hair Coloring and Dying

Looking smart one day can get you the project and the girl but the other day, only a wig can help you with that. Refrain from coloring your hair and getting them dyed. You are smart the way you are.

If these simple steps aren’t helping you with the hair loss, then consulting a good doctor is a recommendation.

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