What Kinds of foods are good for Hair Growth and Thickness

What Kinds of foods are good for Hair Growth and Thickness

Due to high levels of pollution and the kind of lifestyle we have, our hair often seem lifeless and damaged. The artificial treatments using chemically made products leave our locks irreparably damaged and brittle. The harsh chemicals affects our scalp also affecting the growth of hair. You can easily ensure good hair growth and thickness by adhering to a healthy lifestyle which involves inclusion moderating one’s diet and including more healthy foods in it.

Below mentioned foods will help you enhance your hair growth and get the shine of your hair back:

  1. Broccoli and Spinach

    Yes, the green lantern of green leafy vegetables a life savior for people suffering from hair thinning and hair fall. Broccoli and spinach are rich in Vitamin A, C and specially Zinc which are the furthermost requirements for a healthy body. Vitamin C is food for hair follicles and keep the follicles healthier and strong. Spinach on the other hand comprises of beta carotene, iron and most importantly folate.

  2. Green leafy vegetables

    Production of sebum is significant for the hair to be healthy and the green vegetables are crammed with sebum which is the scalp oil. Green leafy vegetables are blessed with vitamins A and C, so consume as much as green vegetables as you can. If you are not a fan of eating salads, you can prepare soups and boil them and serve. Broccoli and spinach are best consume as soup.
  3. Tomatoes and Carrots

    Red is a beautiful color, make tomatoes and carrots your friends in snacks and salads and consume more than twice and thrice a day. Carrots have the capacity to make your hair glow, shine and eliminate dullness because of the presence of antioxidants in it. Having a sugary taste, carrots can be consumed raw and even in soups and salads. Whereas tomatoes are also rich in antioxidants and lycopene which is beneficial for preventing hair loss. Being a good source of antioxidants, tomatoes helps in repairing the hair and prevent it from breaking. So next time you enter the grocery shop, look for tomatoes and not anti-breakage shampoo and conditioner.

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  1. Dark Chocolate

    Chocolates are everyone favorites and readily available. Dark chocolates are plush in Vitamin B and antioxidants. Consuming methods for chocolates are plenty, you can bake your favorite cake with it and even eat it in the fudge. Best is the way when consumed directly and also the way which is universally accepted.

  2. Green tea

    Organic food has done wonders in every way, be it medication or food. Green tea is a supplement that is again rich in antioxidants. Consume it for your hair health and even for your body. Green tea fights against deadly dandruff and also strengthens the roots of the hair. You can apply green tea directly to your hair by opening a tea bag and rubbing it on the hair. It acts a natural conditioner. Good news for people who wish to lose weight, green tea helps in weight reduction too.

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  3. Almonds

    Almonds have always been the best friends for our hair. Having resources like Vitamin E and Omega 3, almonds are opulent that can do marvels for hair. It enhances hair growth and improves its color. You can apply almond oil and even consume them raw or traditionally.

  4. Sweet Potato

    Potato is a universal vegetable and can be prepared as per consent of the person. Sweet potato is a marvelous fruit and contains antioxidants within itself along with beta carotene which after going inside the body breaks into Vitamin A. Vitamin A is predominantly a cell food and drives the cells of the body inclusive of the hair cell. The hair cells after functioning with good flow increases the blood circulation and in turn elevates the hair strength.
  5. Eggs

    Eggs are now a vegetarian food and eaten globally. No dish goes without eggs in it and has to be as it is rich in Vitamin B. Egg white can be applied to the hair directly and also consumed as raw or in meals. The iconic energy sources present in eggs are selenium, sulfur, zinc and dominantly in iron. Being a good protein supplement, eggs are direct food for the hair.

If you love your hair and take care of them in a natural way, they would never need any chemical-laden hair styling product or any hair services. These simple organic foods when added in the daily meals and diet regimes can do wonders for not only our hair but also for our overall health.

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