Diet food to strengthen your immune system

Diet food to strengthen your immune system

Immunity is one of the foremost things in our lives that’s keeps us going even when we are seriously ill. The greater the immunity, the more percentage of work we are able to achieve. The common cold is the biggest test for our immunity and in most of the cases, many people end up treating their pet common cold for more than a week.

Strengthening our immunity lies in our hands. There are several foods through which you can boost immune system and steroids is not the solution for it. There are several home remedies and numerous organic foods that can help trigger the immunity system of our body. An optimal and rich diet is the final answer to a weak immunity.

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List of Foods Good for the Immune System:

Barley and Oats

According to a Norwegian study, oats and barley are antimicrobial in nature and have excellent antioxidant capabilities. Beta-glucan is the type of fiber that is specifically found in barley and oats and as stated earlier are responsible for their antimicrobial and antioxidant nature.


Yes, Yogurt or most commonly known as a probiotic food is a special kind of healthy bacteria which keeps the intestinal tract and the gut free form the severe and dangerous disease causing germs. According to a study in University of Vienna, it is claimed that a 7 ounce dose of yogurt a day is equally competent as a steroid pill. Bringing yogurt in the diet is essential and advisory.


Garlic is nature’s blessing to us. Garlic is rich in ingredient allicin which is equipped in fighting bacteria and infection. Garlic is a miracle dose when common cold severely attacks the person. Cancer is practically afraid of Garlic and a mixture of Garlic and clove taken as raw or in foods has proved to kill cancer causing agents in the human body. Garlic and Clove keeps stomach and colorectal cancer at bay.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potato is a bacteria killer, it specifically kills the bacteria existing or building on the skin. Sweet Potatoes are rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin A is famous for its repairing and healing properties. Vitamin A acts as a connective tissue and is the chief component of the skin. Sweet Potatoes can either be eaten as a boiled vegetable or can be served as a dish if cooked with other ingredients.

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Vitamins in Mushrooms

Does Vitamin C boost your immune system ? – According to the article published in Harvard, Vitamin C doesn’t provide benefits alone. This can work in concert with other micronutrients. Mushrooms give you folate, Vitamin B 12 and Vitamin C.

Always lying in the battle of being called as a non-vegetarian vegetable or a vegetarian vegetable, mushroom is the favorite food for people who wish to strengthen their immune system. Mushrooms effectively drives up the activity and the production of white blood cells. If the cell count is good then common cold can never pull you down. According to experts, a small quantity of around ¼ ounce of mushrooms thrice a day would give maximum benefits.


For non-vegetarian lovers mention of fish is good news. Oysters, Crabs, Clams, Lobsters and Selenium helps white blood cells in producing cytokines which in turn helps clear flu viruses’ form the body. Whereas mackerel and Salmon are rich in omega 3 fats. Omega 3 fats reduces inflammation and protects the lungs from respiratory diseases and common colds.

Take the above mentioned foods as raw or include them into your diet to increase immunity. These foods are common and are mostly added in your daily meals. Include a decent number of quantity of these diet foods and surprise yourself with new dishes. The prescribed foods can work like wonders and also help that doctor appointment miles away from you.