How to Develop a Strong Immune System

How to Develop a Strong Immune System

The dictionary explains the word immunity as the innate resistance offered by the body to the foreign bodies such as microorganisms. White blood cells play a major role in developing body’s immunity. Immunity is basically the protection of one’s body from all the external harm causing agents. Our body needs to offer a strong resistance to the foreign bodies to keep us healthy.

The immune system which we can call as the fighter or protector system of our body should be able to recognise and differentiate the various harmful agents. The white blood cells are the soldiers of our body in the fight against the foreign bodies. The microorganisms such as virus, fungi, bacteria etc. release special proteinaceous substances called as antigens. These antigens are the harm causing agents. The fighter system of our body should be able to recognize the antigen and fight with it. Now the question comes that how to develop a strong immune system. There is no rocket science in developing a strong immunity. One just needs to be taking good care of his diet and few other methods. Here are few simple methods to develop strong resistance mechanisms.

Regular Exercise

You might be wondering that how exercise is related to developing a strong immunity. The fighter system of our body is strengthened by regularly indulging in the exercises. Research has shown that exercise has a direct influence on one’s immune system and health. Exercise that is as simple as brisk walking can boost the white blood cell count in our body.

Reduce Stress in Your Life

Sometimes one really wonders that where are those smiles and laughter lost. Gone are the days when people had the attitude of being happy go lucky. These days with stress taking the front seat, people seem to have forgotten how to smile. Just try to remember the last time when you had a hearty laugh on some silly joke or something like that. With so many researches going on how stress can affect our lives, it’s been proved that stress actually lowers one’s body immunity. The fighter system is also disturbed by the stress. You need to find ways to combat the monster named stress rather than it taking toil over you.

Healthy Diet

You must have heard the famous saying that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. This age old saying has stood over the times to prove itself. To get a healthy body one needs to have a healthy diet. Eating good food has a direct relation with your body, mood, skin, hair and many more things. The effects are quite naturally visible. Like our mothers, the Mother Nature has uncountable ways to provide us with a healthy meal options. Fruits and vegetables which directly come from the lap of Mother Nature are an excellent source of building body’s immunity. The citrus fruits such as orange, lemon are excellent immunity builders. These citrus fruits are enriched with vitamin C, which is an excellent immunity booster. Fruits and vegetables are a rich source of antioxidants. These antioxidants fight with the visible cells of ageing and are the helpers of the fighter cells in our body. If you love to eat non vegetarian food, try to include fish, a rich source of omega-3 fatty acid. The omegha-3 fatty acid has been blessed naturally with the immune system booster properties.

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Sleep Well

After years of research, scientists are confident enough to prove the direct relation between sleep and immune system of the body. It is a known fact that 7-8 hours’ sleep is required by our body to keep itself fresh. Researches have shown that while sleeping the body is producing special fighter cells called as cytokines. These cytokines have an excellent inbuilt property to fight with the infection causing agents in the body. A simple correlation proves that if you do not get proper sleep, you increase your tendency to fall sick. The more you fall sick, the more your body loses its immunity.

Avoid Unnecessary Medicines and Antibiotics

One needs to be sure that they are not unnecessary indulging themselves in the medicines for every small reason. The medicines have a direct effect on the immune system of the body. The antibiotics tend to decrease the body’s immunity to fight with the foreign cells.


Probiotics are the special health drinks which are available in the market. These drinks help to enhance the body’s immunity by developing the body’s resistance.

These are simple methods to lead a healthy, happy and long life.